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Figurative Painter Lynne Atwood Chosen as August 2016’s Artist of the Month

New Jersey-born painter Lynne Atwood has been living and working in Massachusetts for over four decades. Throughout that period, she has persistently and passionately pursued her creative desires in a truly enviable fashion. Bright hues and soft lines typify a mature style that is warm, friendly, and refined. While many contemporary artists strive to express themselves through abstraction, Atwood has continued to portray the world around her with an accessible representational realism.

Café con Leche - Lynne Atwood

Café con Leche – Lynne Atwood (2008)

The spontaneous and lighthearted nature of her work stems from her upbeat personality and vigilant observation of her surroundings. Never without her camera, Atwood captures subtly bright vignettes from life to later be worked out in her studio. It’s easy to attribute the ‘snapshot’ quality of her work to this aspect of her workflow, but pay attention to some of her favorite subjects: flowers, reflections, and natural patterns of light and shadow. These lovely sights are inherently fleeting, unique to a given moment. Spending some time with her work just might inspire you to notice things you’d otherwise overlook.

Siena View - Lynne Atwood

Siena View – Lynne Atwood (2008)

Atwood’s images are made mostly in watercolor and oil paints, though even now she continues to experiment with different media, techniques, and substrates. Most recently, she has been trying out acrylics as well as a new variety of papers, gesso boards, canvases, and texturing methods.

Lacing Up - Lynne Atwood

Lacing Up – Lynne Atwood (2015)

A treasured member of several local, state, and regional art societies, Atwood’s work isn’t just shown online. Beginning with placements in small businesses and community hubs, demand for her work has grown to a national scale. Her paintings are a part of numerous juried exhibitions and she regularly receives commissions from fellow art lovers.

Using an online community and marketplace like brings a whole new dimension to her career she says. The exposure to such a huge number of creative people and admirers is a big help, as is the easy and affordable access to beautiful reproductions. Prints are custom made to order on the highest quality canvas to preserve the eye-catching vibrancy of her work.

Clementines - Lynne Atwood

Clementines – Lynne Atwood (2009)

Congratulations to Lynne Atwood for her achieving the well-deserved recognition of Artist of the Month. To see more of her stunning work, read more about her, or purchase a reproduction, go check out her gallery at

Lynne Atwood

The artist, Lynne Atwood

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