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Melanie Viola Chosen as’s April Artist of the Month

Born and raised in historic Berlin, Germany, artist Melanie Viola always took lots of pictures wherever she went. What began as a habit quickly became a hobby and for the last seven years, a growing profession. Her photographic toolkit continued to grow and she started planning more lengthy itineraries just to get the shots she was looking for. Beginning by selling straight photographs in 2009, her style evolved as she realized that she wanted to do more.

NYC 5th Avenue Yellow Cabs

NYC 5th Avenue Yellow Cabs – Melanie Viola (2015)

Taking the photographs is only the first step in creating her main body of work, followed by extensive treatment in Adobe Photoshop and (more recently) Illustrator. By trying to make art that she herself would like to have on her walls, she’s maintained a visionary integrity that appeals to art lovers worldwide. Her creative process revolves around creating something entirely new, dependent on her distinct interpretative decisions, which showcases the beauty of our world in her own style. Staying true to herself makes the appreciation she gets from admirers and customers all the more valuable; knowing that her art will become a part of their home is incredibly rewarding.

VENICE Gondolas at Sunset

VENICE Gondolas at Sunset – Melanie Viola (2015)

Viola finds herself drawn to the uniquely architectural qualities of urban landscapes. The sleek horizontals and towering vertical lines of each city come together in dynamic compositions. While all cities are geometric to an extent, its a sign of her talent that her depictions lend each city an individual flavor. The sharp lines, bold pops of color, and rapid blurs make for truly impressive images. There’s an interesting contrast between the monumental landmarks and the transient nature of urban life.

Despite several requests by brick and mortar galleries, Viola hasn’t chosen to display her stunning work there just yet. She likes the global reach, ease of use, and free structure of online marketplaces like Her works are popular throughout Europe and North America, enriching the lives and décor of people around the world. Writing about displaying her work online, Viola said, “There are many companies I wouldn’t work with! It’s not so easy to find the right ones […] I am happy that I found Artist Become. It’s a great place to be!”

Keep an eye on her live gallery to browse through her incredible artwork and check back to see her regular uploads. Experimenting with typography is adding a new dimension to her already wonderful images so be sure to look for that going forward.

NYC Collage

NYC Collage – Melanie Viola (2016)

For more information on any of the above works or to purchase a reproduction, just click the image. To see more of her ever-expanding collection, head on over to her gallery at

PARIS Eiffeltower IV

PARIS Eiffeltower IV – Melanie Viola (2011)

Melanie Viola - Portrait

Melanie Viola

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