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Pablo Picasso: Most Prolific Artist in History

Pablo Picasso, a Spanish painter who spent most of his career in France, is cited by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the most prolific artist in history. His career lasted over 75 years and it is estimated that he produced over 13,000 works during that time. That isn’t even counting the numerous prints, engravings, and sculptures he also created. In comparison, Vincent van Gogh is only thought to have produced over 2,000 works during his career.

Picasso was known as one of the founders of the Cubist movement, as well as being co-inventor of the collage. He is attributed with influencing a number of other art movements in the 20th century and his influence is even seen in contemporary art today. Picasso was able to achieve both world-wide acclaim, as well as a good sized fortune during his career, which is a rarity among painters.

Although the names of his later periods can sometimes be up for debate, it is agreed upon that his earlier ones were: the Blue Period, Rose Period, African Art Period and Cubism. His influence has reached even further, by leading the way for other artists in the Cubist movement and many more.

You can browse some of his works in our Picasso Gallery. You should be able to find something for any taste or style represented. As more of his work becomes part of the public domain in the future, we will continue to add more of his many pieces to our selection.

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