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Nora Shepley and her Picasso Muse

Nora Shepley is a contemporary artist who has been pursuing a career in art since 1960. She was born in Brooklyn, New York but currently resides in Israel. She favors acrylic paints, but has also used watercolors and ink in her art. As a self-taught artist, Shepley enjoys the ability to share her work with a wider audience by offering it online. According to her “an artist is a person that sleeps and eats with art on their mind.”

Even as a young child, she enjoyed drawing and expressing herself through art. Art deco and pop art are styles that she enjoys exploring in her own pieces. One of the biggest artist influences for her was Pablo Picasso. The bright colors and abstract shapes attracted her attention and has been a big contributor to her own artistic style.

Some of the similarities in her work and Picasso’s are the vibrant color combinations, the use of shapes to deconstruct her subjects, and the use of common images to create unusual settings. Pieces like The Artist and Shy Girl take a very bold approach to the idea of a portrait. They have clearly been influenced by the techniques of Picasso, but Shepley is able to modernize them and make them her own.

Other works she has done are less obvious in their similarities to Picasso, but still have many of the same color elements. She has a talent for taking recognizable characters and people, but presenting them in a new way. The bold pop style she uses gives them an energetic appearance that can’t help but draw an audience in. she chooses many famous people, as well as characters from childhood, to give the viewer a connection with her subjects. It has both the colors and the subjects that bring the audience back to the feelings of their youth.

Give your house a fresh and energetic new piece of pop art by selecting one of the many wonderful pieces we offer by Nora Shepley. Look through her gallery at the strongly Picasso influenced pieces, or at the assortment of familiar icons. Even the art featuring animals will reflect her love of contrasting colors and imaginative techniques. At we are proud to offer such beautiful pieces by such a talented artist.

You can check out Nora Shepley’s wide variety of works on here:

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