Picasso Artwork, Stolen in Paris Museum Break-in

The break-in at the French capital’s Paris Museum of Modern Art has cost not only masterful works of five great artists; Picasso, Matisse, Georges Braque, Amedeo Modigliani, and Fernand Léger but it has compromised a piece of history in the hands of thieves.

But why these paintings and why these artists? There sure are a wide range of works to pick. But from among the many choices of paintings, the thieves have meticulously picked these works of art because these paintings cost more than jewels. The five cost an estimated amount of almost 1oo million Euros.

These paintings are very expensive not only because they were created by great men, but equally because of it’s the historical impact on our society.

Henri Matisse’s La Pastorale (1905) is an important step in his discovery of an idyllic world of pure color and unshackled eros. The 1906 L’Olivier pres de l’Estaque (Olive tree near Estaque), painting by Georges Braque shows the influence of Matisse and the so-called “wild beasts”. While the most celebrated artist, Pablo Picasso’s pigeon aux petits-pois (spring 1912) brings the new era of “cubism”.

The truth is, art thievery seems to be a growing problem in many museums and art restoration houses. And these very same artists seem to be the target.  The number of artworks already recorded by The Art Loss Register account 659 Picasso masterpieces, Matisse has 121 while Georges Braque has 89.

As these works of art continue to decline in number because of thievery, probably, there will come a time when all these will just write words.

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