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Abstract Artist Ralph White Highlighted as’s May Artist of the Month

Californian artist Ralph White creates inspired work that is both intimately personal and accessibly universal. His abstractions are vibrant and energetic, each expressing the artist’s inner state of mind and feeling at the time of creation. By synthesizing introspective meditation with playful free expression, White produces artwork that is easy to connect and identify with even – and especially – when its emotional charge is ineffable.

A resident of Redondo Beach, CA, White’s work has been shown all over the United States as well internationally. Reflecting on his successes as well as the advantages of using an online platform like, White said, “The success of an artist is measured by eyeball views. The more people that see your work and recognize your style the bigger the contribution you will have made to the planet.” Global impact aside, he also described the continuing personal value in using art as a tool for introspection in the present and the past. By looking back at a year’s work, he can see the ebb and flow of different emotions manifesting through his painting and reflects on the correlation to transformative life events.

Lilies - Ralph White (2010)

Lilies – Ralph White (2010)
“A modern abstract take on Monet’s iridescent water lilies.”

His continuing creative and spiritual practices have also influenced his successful career as an executive business coach. The concept for much of his work is to provoke creativity in others and to create an emotional connection between the art and the viewer. Inspiring adventurousness, experimentation, and creativity in his clients can often prove to be advantageous by getting them thinking in new ways about the bigger picture.

Working mostly in a variety of acrylic paints, White says he’s continually searching for new ways to convey depth and texture. It’s certainly a challenge given the inherently two-dimensional picture plane of painting on canvas, though looking through his work he makes it look easy at times. His richly layered and complex compositions with such wide varieties of color really harmonize to create intriguing paintings that hold one’s gaze and interest.

Riptide - Ralph White (2008)

Riptide – Ralph White (2008)
“The stretching shades of burgundy and purple symbolize strength of character and meditation giving us an image of hope and revival.”

A member of the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society, International Society of Acrylic Painters, National Watercolor Society, and more, Ralph White stays connected to the global art community. His work is publicly exhibited in a variety of locales, though particularly in southern California. For a list of past, present, and future exhibitions, head over to his website.

To see many more of his incredible paintings or to order a custom-made fine art reproduction for display in your own home, check out his gallery.

Synapse - Ralph White (2009)

Synapse – Ralph White (2009)
“The art of fusion passing through your veins.”

Take a look around and then leave a comment below with your thoughts on his work or even leave a recommendation for who you’d like to see featured in the upcoming months!

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