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Rare Monet Painting Gets One Day Viewing

The painting Le Grand Canal et Santa Maria della Salute, is one of the painting from the Claude Monet series painted while the artist was in Venice. It will be part of a one-day exhibit at the Gritti Palace as part of the Venice Biennale before being sold at Sotheby’s auction house on May 17th. It is expected to fetch around fifty millions dollars. Since most of the artists Venice pieces are in museums, this private piece being up for sale is very rare.

Palazzo Darlo
The painting is an intensely colored depiction of the Basilica di Santa Maria. Being able to show the piece in the city that it depicts makes for a very unique opportunity. It also adds an attractive drawing point to the Biennale. Over the pandemic demand for Monet’s work has only grown and most attribute it to his timeless beauty. Last year, in May, Sotheby’s sold another of Monet’s works for over seventy million. Before coming to be viewed at the Biennale it will take a tour of Asia and London. This mysterious piece will be viewed by many for that first time in decades.

Monet painted a number of wonderful pieces during his time in Venice, because he was inspired by the unique beauty of the place. Pieces such as San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight showcase how the lighting can have such a profound effect on the waters surrounding the city. Palazzo da Mula at Venice and Palazzo Darlo show how artistic the cities architecture can be. The easiest to identify as Venice is his piece, the Grand Canal, which depicts the cities iconic waterways. Venice, Rio della Salute, offers another great vantage point of the cities beauty.

Find many of Claude Monet’s art inspired by Venice, including these pieces, in the Claude Monet gallery along with so many other wonderful paintings by the artist. If you are not able to see the piece in person or afford to purchase it at auction, our high quality reproductions are the next best thing.

The Grand Canal

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