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Top Ten Beautiful Sunsets in Art

Most people agree that a beautiful sunset is one of the most majestic sights you can view. The melting of colors as the evening settles in can be calming and serene. Warm yellows, bright reds, burning oranges, are all parts of the setting that attract the eyes and soothe the spirit. Unfortunately, not every sunset can be viewed in the actual moment. This is why we are recommending these ten beautiful pieces to enjoy the experience at any time.

Sunset Over Waterloo Bridge by Emile Claus

This image and the corresponding series it belongs to are some of Emile Claus’s most direct Impressionist images. They recall Monet specifically who studied the very same bridge extensively and whose images had influenced Claus greatly when he saw them exhibited over a decade earlier. The rich, dark tones of the bridge contrast with the blazing sunset, reflected off the serene water in this lovingly recreated oil painting. Bring the warmth of this piece into your home to delight your friends and family.

San Giorgio Maggiore by Claude Monet

A slowly setting sun sets the evening sky on fire with brilliant tones of red, orange and yellow in Claude Monet’s San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight, created in 1908. As one of Monet’s most beautiful light studies, it’s no wonder that this painting is one of our most popular. The way the cityscape is cast into shadows while being surrounded by vibrant colors creates and interesting contrast. Invited guests will be captivating by the unique style Monet used to capture the moment.

A Sunset Calm in the Bay of Fundy by William Bradford

Lifelike details and exquisitely beautiful colors make William Bradford’s A Sunset Calm in the Bay of Fundy a stunning example of American romanticism. The calm sea and light-filled sky capture the inspiring moment perfectly. This isn’t meant to show the harshness of the sea, but to reflect the hope that comes when a day comes to a close. The way the colors dance upon the water adds an especially placid atmosphere to this painting, and the muted tones make it well-suited for just about any space.

Sunset Rhode Island by Martin Johnson Heade

Martin Johnson Heade was a prolific American painter known for his salt marsh landscapes. In this piece he showcases the way the light plays across the landscape as the sun is setting. The bright yellow is reflected in the water and contrasts the shadows created by the grass. Soft clouds shifting across the sky are so inviting that your guests will want to sit down and enjoy the view when they visit.

Poppies in Sunset by Pol Ledent

Poppies in Sunset is a canvas print of a colorful modern Pol Ledent painting showing a field full of poppies bathing in the warm light of the sunset.  The red flowers appear to dance in the wind as the sun is setting behind them. The sunset itself is visible in the background, but it is the fading light reflecting off the blooms that captivates the audience. Capture the beauty of that moment and put it on display in any room of your house.

Harbour by Justyna Kopania

Harbour is a beautiful image of birds flying through a nautical coast line in front of boats in the sunset. Justyna Kopiana uses a pallet knife to create texture on top of the melting colors to enhance the emotion. The boats and birds are a stark white contrast against the golden glow of the sunset. In the center the focus is on the light reflecting off the calm surface of the water giving the entire setting a luminous glow. Pick a place in your own home or office to cast in the inviting light.

House at Dusk by Edward Hopper

Created during Hopper’s most productive and acclaimed period, House at Dusk addresses the same theme of lonesomeness found in many of his non-cityscape works. This Edward Hopper painting from 1935 depicts the top story of a country estate house just as the setting sun dips below the nearby trees. A man stands at one of the windows, greeting the coming night as he reflects on his state. Add this to your own environment for a little more quiet reflection.

Golden Image Jerry Sauls

Golden Image is resounding dedication to Jerry Sauls’s appreciation for the world around him. This vibrant print is full of golden sun rays flooding through a majestic forest scene. The details in the trees and the ripples of the water make it feel so realistic it’s almost like being there in the moment. The dimming sunlight gives the surrounding landscape a warm yellow tone that seeps into the foliage and reflects off the water. Allow this golden glow to be cast over you own home.

Au Revoir to the Light of Paris II by Unknown

The charm and character of Paris is illuminated in glorious sunset lighting in this oil painting reproduction of Au Revoir to The Light of Paris II. Originally painted by unknown artists, this stunning scene features a bustling Parisian street with the iconic Eiffel Tower in the background. The sky is lit up with the dreamy colors of an evening sunset, casting a beautiful soft light throughout the scene. The high society store patrons are dressed to the nines and horses with buggies trot through the streets. This would be perfect for a more romantic setting or the romantic at heart.

Landscape with the Chateau of Auvers at Sunset

In the last weeks of his life, Van Gogh completed a number of paintings of the wheat fields around Auvers. In these landscapes he tried to express his overwhelming emotions. The painting’s strong outlines emphasize the bold color choices and show a turn away from the Impressionist style. With Landscape with the Chateau of Auvers at Sunset, many homeowners find a beautiful accent for their space.


These are some of the exquisite sunsets that we offer, but if they don’t fit with your taste or decor, we have many more. Feel free to browse our large selection of landscapes to find just the right scene to match your home.  Here at overstockArt we want to help you find the perfect piece of art that you will fall in love with.

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