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Wine and Art: The Perfect Pairing.

Nothing helps you relax after a long day than a glass of your favorite wine. It can add something special to any occasion, or make an ordinary evening at home more exceptional. Combine that with the right atmosphere and you can create magic any night of the week. One way to enhance the setting is by choosing the perfect piece of art to suit your mood based on your wine selection.  We’ve created a list of wine and painting suggestions to help you create your perfect atmosphere.

Brunello di Montalcino with Violon et Guitar by Juan Gris

This red wine is considered one of the best known and expensive wines of Italy. Brunello di Montalcinos have a more fleshy texture with smooth tannins and ripe, fruit driven character that hints at blackberry and black cherry. For a rich and smooth red wine like this, you want to enjoy a piece of bold art that can catch the eye. In this piece by Jaun Gris, the abstract shapes and vibrant colors will match the flavors wonderfully.

Red Pinot Noir with Cafe Terrace at Night by Vincent van Gogh

Pinot Noir is one of the most popular wines around the world and is often thought to be the most romantic. With its broad range of flavors, dictated by the region it is produced, it offers a variety for almost any taste. This exquisite piece by famous painter Vincent van Gogh is similar in its ability to appeal to a wide audience of people. The unique use of color and texture is easily recognized and greatly admired.

White Riesling with Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I (Luxury Line) by Gustav Klimt

White Riesling is a very aromatic wine that offers primarily fruity notes. They are often on the sweeter side, making them very popular with women. It is best served chilled and goes well with spicy foods. We chose this classic wine to go with our Gustav Klimt portrait, because she is also a classic piece and a beautiful example of a female subject.

Red Sangria with El Jaleo by John Singer Sargent

While sangria is not a wine in its own right, it is a delightful beverage made with wine mixed with a variety of fruits. Choosing a red wine will give it a much stronger, bolder flavor and a bittersweet finish. Sometimes it can be fun to contrast elements, just like in this painting by John Singer Sargent. The light and the dark come together to create a dramatic scene for any room.

White Zinfandel with Fruit Garden With Roses by Gustav Klimt

White Zinfandel is often the first wine a person tries. The combination of low alcohol content, low calories and a sweet taste make it a favorite at parties and festivities. It is a light and refreshing beverage choice that is especially delicious during the warm summer months. This piece by Gustav Klimt has that same carefree feeling that hints at the wonders of a warm and lush summer day.

Sauvignon Blanc with La Promenade by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Sauvignon Blanc is usually a very dry wine with a very low sugar content, which will appeal to those who do not enjoy a sweet flavor. The sharp earthy tastes that often describe this wine make it a partner for savory foods and those with rich flavors. That natural element is also reflected in this beautiful painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The deep colors and the strong herbal notes in the wine will go perfectly together.

Pinot Grigio with Flowers and Fruit by Claude Monet

Due to its high acidity, this is considered a dry wine and is almost identical to Pinot Gris. It still has fruity tones, but they are much more subdued than what a sweet wine would have. It is considered refreshing and appeals to a wide range of wine drinkers.  This comfortable still life has that same versatility and can be enjoyed in any room of the home. It will easily fit into a varied range of styles and decors as well.

Moscato with Water Lilies by Claude Monet

Moscato wine is famous for its sweet and crisp flavors. It is a classic favorite that can be found all over the world and pairs beautifully with an assortment of fine foods. There are multiple varieties, including some sparkling versions. It is perfect for celebrations or special occasions. This world renowned piece by Claude Monet is one of the most recognized paintings by the impressionist artist. It also provides a beautiful accent to any festivity.

Chardonnay with The Yellow Pot by Pierre Bonnard

Chardonnay is one of the most diverse wine options available and can range from a bold white wine to a crisp white wine, depending on the vineyard. Chardonnay employs an additional fermentation technique, called malolactic fermentation to give it a smoother more rich texture than other wines. That luxurious feeling, but at an affordable cost is also exemplified by this painting by Pierre Bonnard. The deep, rich colors and classic technique make it look like a high end luxury product, but at a cost anyone can afford.

Chianti with Lady Godiva by John Maler Collier

Chianti is considered the pride of Italy and one of the most romantic wines. It is widely used in song lyrics, poems and literature when trying to describe a romantic setting. It is a strong and bold blend created Tuscany that is known for having a complex flavor. The combination of its heavy aroma and delicious flavor overwhelms the senses and gives the drinker a heady sensation, like love. The main subject in this romantic piece by John Maler Collier also has that breathtaking effect that has inspired numerous love poems.

Wine selection can be as broad as art is, so if nothing listed here strikes your fancy, feel free to browse some of our bestsellers as well. We pride ourselves on offering a very wide range of art to match any personal style.

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