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5 Wall Decor Trends for Winter 2015/2016

As the weather chills and it’s closer to the new year, it’s time to check out the winter 2015/2016 decorating trends. When it comes to your walls take a fresh perspective at your home décor, try a new color or revolutionize your design with eye-catching art center-pieces.

So, What’s new for winter this year you ask? Well, everything!

1. Decorate with Drama without going overboard

Go bold and pick a paint with high drama. This doesn’t mean that you need to splash fire engine red or bee yellow on your walls. An ocean blue or even solid black accent wall adds a dramatic flair without over-doing it. If you do go for a deep, dark dramatic look, compliment the new wall color with vibrant hue. Add an artwork such as Van Gogh’s Irises or Sunflowers.

Van Gogh's Sunflowers

2. Mixing Metallics on your Wall

While painting your living room solid gold is out of the question, adding it as an accent color around doors, on woodwork or picking on wall gives you the chance to take advantage of the metallic trend. Instead of going with one type of ‘metal’, try mixing and matching a few different ones. An easy way to accomplish this without going overboard is to pick a few artwork pieces that feature metallics. For example, Klimt’s Fulfillment – The Embrace (luxury line) features flecks of gold and silver accents right inside the artwork! Fancy, classy and wont break the bank.

KLimt's Fulfillment - The Embrace

3. Notable Navy

If a dramatic black isn’t your style (or mood thankfully), you can still pick a rich shade that isn’t quite as dark. Navy is in style for the winter season! The beauty of this color is that you can quickly create a classically stylish look with very little effort. Unlike bolder choices, navy is subtle enough that you can coat all four walls with it. What types of art goes with navy? You can pull in this season’s metallics and go with other luxury line pieces, such as Klimt’s Tree of Life or Golden Apple Tree. Likewise, yellow tones (such as those in Cezanne’s Turn in the Road) make a bold statement against a navy wall.

4. Precious Pinks

Pink is in for the winter season. Not hot or bold pink, but instead an almost `not-there` whisper hue. Think pink with a creamy touch of ivory or a pearlized splash of paint on the woodwork around doors and windows. Pair pink with floral art, such as Monet’s Garden Path at Giverny or Water Lilies.

Claude Monet  Water Lilies (pink)

5. Eco Options

Along with earth-friendly paints, adding a ‘green’ theme to your décor is in for the season. Use neutral and earth-toned paints, such as mossy greens, taupes and tans. Match your earthen colors with equally as grounded art. Include landscape pieces such as Paul Gauguin’s Riders on the Beach, II 1902 or Giovanni Boldini’s Spring, 1873.

Giovanni Boldini  Spring, 1873

From nearly naked neutrals to high-impact dramatic hues, this season’s wall décor features something for every DIY home decorator. Add color, shine and a splash of your own personality by choosing artwork that completes the look and speaks to your home’s style!

About the Author

Erica Loop has a BA in the history of art and architecture as well as film studies. She has worked for the Andy Warhol Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Art. Ms. Loop has taught studio-based art classes for children from toddlers to teens for the past decade along with writing freelance content across the web.