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Tips For Creating An Amazing Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall ExampleThe hottest thing in wall decor is by no doubt the Gallery Wall. Home decorators across the US are flaunting their artworks and collections in the most dramatic and creative fashion possible with a big wall with artworks and artifacts arranged together. By using an entire wall and meaningfully arranging each artifact, home decorators have been turning mundane walls into the center-of-attention of their home. Out of the clutter, the Gallery Wall brings on balance. The art you want to flaunt will definitely be noticed when it is so creatively displayed.

With that said, their are some rules of engagement when it comes to Gallery Walls. They are not ‘required’ per say, however, highly recommended and definitely help to bring on a bit of structure to your creation.

Here are five tips that will help bring many admirers to your awesome new Gallery Wall:

1. Create a Theme
For your gallery wall to make an artistic statement and look like something intentional rather than a hot mess, you need a theme. Something has to tie the items together. This can be a color scheme, subject, feeling, or shape. For instance, you may want to include all neutral-colored items or all rose-colored items.

2. Mix it Up!
You probably don’t want everything to look exactly the same. This is part of why a theme is so important, because it helps you choose what to include and what not to include. In the living room, you could have all rose colors and, in the dining room, all greens.┬áIt will look most interesting if there are variations in items in the gallery wall. You may want to have paintings, photographs, vases, or sculptures that are all neutral-colored or a collection of all photographs that are black and white but mix together landscapes, portraits, and surreal works.

3. Plan the Entire Room Ahead of Time
Figure out where the furniture and other artwork in the room will be so you don’t plan an entire gallery wall and then find out it is too large for the space. Then, begin to imagine which pieces you want in a certain place. Some items will probably fall into place in your mind readily than others, and that is fine. All you really want is an idea of where things will go before you start hanging.

4. Leave the measuring tape alone
You don’t have to get nit-picky with measuring, but you may want to use a level to make sure your pictures and other items hang straight. The gallery wall doesn’t have to be perfect and it certainly doesn’t have to be lined up in exact rows. That could be boring for visitors, and it simply isn’t fun or creative for you.

5. Leave Insecurities at the Door
The creation of your gallery wall is an extension of you and your sense of style. So despite all that we have outlined, the most important thing is to be yourself and be creative. Leave all your insecurities at the door and question nothing other then your personal taste. The only critic you should worry about is yourself, and remember, the gallery wall you create will evolve and grow over time. Nothing is forever so have fun and and enjoy the creative process more then anything.

The only crucial thing to remember about your gallery wall is that it needs to have a theme and mix well with the entire room. Your theme could be that you want the items to mimic the shape of an oddly shaped wall, follow the line of your staircase, or take on the shape of a circle, heart, or tree.

Creating your own gallery wall isn’t hard, but it does require some thought and planning. So, pick your favorite items, decide on what statement you want to make with it so you can plan your theme, and most importantly, have fun!

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Lara Rouse IS a writer BY day AND an art lover ALL the time. she studied art AND famous painters IN depth during home-school AND continues TO explore the beautiful AND mysterious world OF fine art today.