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Witness the Majesty of African Wildlife Through the Lens of Cathy Withers-Clarke

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, wild animals, or simply incredible photography, you’re in for a treat. The online art marketplace and creative community at has chosen photographic realist Cathy Withers-Clarke as October’s Artist of the Month. Her gallery showcases the remarkable diversity of Africa’s wildlife, captured in crystalline detail. Whether she’s capturing the vibrant colors of the local landscape or making intimate monochrome portraits of endangered species, every image packs a serious punch.

The Greeting - Cathy Withers-Clarke

The Greeting – Cathy Withers-Clarke (2016)

Despite growing up in the United Kingdom, Withers-Clarke has lived in Cape Town at the southwestern tip of Africa for 20 years. She definitely considers Africa home and her appreciation for her region really shows. Her art however isn’t confined to any one location, having been featured in exhibitions in New York, London, and even at the Louvre. A member of the Society of International Wildlife Photographers, The Royal Photographic Society, and the Photographic Society of South Africa, her work has won numerous prizes over the course of her short career. It’s hard to believe when judging by the consistent quality of her work, but she only considers herself to have been a practicing artist for the past 3 years.

Monochrome Zebra Portrait - Cathy Withers-Clarke

Monochrome Zebra Portrait – Cathy Withers-Clarke (2016)

Perhaps most importantly, she’s not letting her meteoric rise go to waste. The clear vision and focus of her work is to motivate and inspire others to discover the diversity of life around them. Raising awareness through photographs, blog posts, and other efforts, she hopes to call attention to the plight of some of our planet’s most incredible creatures. Her photographs of white rhinos are remarkable, but they take on a further impact when one considers the fact that our planet’s rhino population has decreased by over 94% since the beginning of the 20th century. Even in her resident South Africa, the nation with the world’s highest rhino population, deaths from poaching have increased ninetyfold since just 2007. [Stats from]

White Rhino - Cathy Withers-Clarke

White Rhino – Cathy Withers-Clarke (2016)

A self-taught artist, she’s taking advantage of the benefits of online galleries like, saying:

Displaying online gives you the world as an audience, and the opportunity to expand your reach and message to people that otherwise would never have a chance to see your work.

It’s a pleasure to have access to such work, as we’re not all so fortunate as to be in her situation. Located on the shores of False Bay, she describes being able to walk out her front door and sit with penguins on the beach – or watch whales swim by in the winter.

African Elephant Portrait - Cathy Withers-Clarke

African Elephant Portrait – Cathy Withers-Clarke (2016)

Her perspectives are a treasure to the online community, wildlife conservation efforts, and art lovers everywhere. If you’d like to support the artist and own one of her photographs as a made-to-order professional print on canvas, head over to her gallery. Feel free to give her a follow on social media to stay up to date with her latest creative adventures!

Cathy Withers-Clarke

The Artist Cathy Withers-Clarke

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