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Oktoberfest Celebrates German Artists

One of the best holidays to celebrate in the fall is Ocktoberfest.  This is the time to celebrate the vast contributions Germany has made to the world stage, including music, food and art. Here at overstockArt we would like to introduce you to some of the German artist’s we admire. There are both old masters, and modern creatives to choose from. Let their art show you how a different world perspective can create gorgeous art.

Franz Marc

German print maker and artist, Franz Marc is considered to be one of the key figures of the Expressionist movement in Germany. Born in Munich, Germany in 1880; he was influenced by his father who was also a painter. Later, he would be mentored by some of the most influential artists of his time while studying in Munich.  Although he admired masters such as Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, he studied local artists and the Expressionist movement closely. With over one hundred pieces completed in his life time, his style is distinct for its use of bright, bold colors and use of animals as subjects. The colors he chose often had meaning, such as blue for masculinity and red for violence. His career and life were cut short when he passed away at age thirty-six, the influence he had on other artists lives on.

August Macke

Painter, water-colorist, and decorative artist, August Macke was one of the main contributors to the German Expressionist movement and befriended some of the most famous painters of that time. That included painters like Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky. He utilized a combination of simplified forms and patchwork complementary colors to create vibrant landscapes, portraits, and figurative scenes. Along with Franz Marc, he helped to form the artistic group named the Blue Rider. His life as an artist came to an end when he died as a solider in World War I. Many of his works were captured by the Nazis and many have still not been recovered.

Melanie Viola

Born and raised in historic Berlin, Germany, artist Melanie Viola has a unique and mesmerizing way of looking at the world. By trying to make art that she herself would like to have on her walls, she’s maintained a visual integrity that appeals to art lovers worldwide. Her creative process revolves around creating something entirely new, based on her interpretative decisions, and showcasing our world’s beauty in her own style. Using brilliant graphic design techniques and fascinating camera angles, she is able to take images of well-known landmarks and present the audience with exceptional artwork.


Perhaps this short list of our German artists has inspired you to find a place in your home for one of their beautiful pieces. We love to combine art, culture and beauty in one place, offering it to our customer’s at a cost they can afford.

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