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Mairim Perez Roca: Living in a World of Joy and Color

Mairim Perez Roca is an artist who lives and works in Cuba. Like many artists, she discovered her passion to create at a young age and spent a great deal of time studying the subject. She attended San Alejandro Academy of Plastic Arts and Superior Institute of Arts. As well as being a renowned artist, Roca also has spent time as an art teacher for 12-14 year old children. She admires museums and visits them frequently to garner more inspiration from past artists. Roca usually works with either a cardboard or canvas medium but loves the way digital art can reach a wider audience.

This painter’s art is intended to be a reflection of the world seen from her optimistic point of view. She describes her artistic style as Creative Realism. Her topics vary and include such things as women, animals and landscapes. Roca says that the women often resemble her in some way, because she is creating a fantasy world and there is always a bit of herself in that. The thing that ties her art together is her feminine aesthetic and use of bold colors. Roca often uses the light in her paintings to highlight aspects of the scene, giving the entire piece a sense of youthful energy.

Many of Roca’s paintings feature a woman as the main subject. Sometimes they are the only character, such as The Fisherwoman and The Saleswoman of Flowers. Other times there are multiple people being featured like Loving Encounter and Lover in the Circus. We also offer some of her animal artwork, like The Rainbow Accompanies. If you are looking for a combination of elements, perhaps you would enjoy The Stars Tell You or Woman With Birds. Each of these pieces pop with color and show a fantastical view of the world.

We think that Mairim Perez Roca is an amazing contemporary painter and are pleased to present her as our artist of the month. We think that her pieces provide an escape from the world that will refresh your spirits. Take some time to peruse her gallery and let the warmth and color energize you. We are sue you will find a piece that speaks to your own inner child.

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Amanda graduated from the University of Kansas, where she studied English literature and got a masters degree in library sciences. She enjoys reading, cooking and playing with her nephews. Her best friend is her little dog Brady.