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Angel Estevez Selected as’s March Artist of the Month

Artist Angel Estevez began to practice making digital art in 2001. Having long been an enthusiastic admirer of art in general, he was inspired to begin creating his own after seeing the volume and variety of art available on the internet. Initially treating it as an experimental side hobby, it has become a personally enriching focal point of his daily life.

Unwilling to be pigeonholed into any particular style or movement, Estevez describes his artwork as eclectic and dependent on daily inspiration. His work is mainly sharp, geometric, and abstract though he also makes some intriguingly surreal landscapes. Tools like Bryce, Painter, and Photoshop make up most of his digital workflow while his more traditional work employs acrylic and oil paints.

"Rough Sundown"

“Rough Sundown” – Angel Estevez (2014)

"Haughty Profiles"

“Haughty Profiles” – Angel Estevez (2015)

The number of truly unique abstractions in his gallery stands as a testament to his willingness to experiment with diverse shapes, compositions, color palettes, and line weights. Estevez states that his primary goal in sharing his art online is to pass into the public the same sort of pleasant feelings he gets while in the midst of creation. His prolific oeuvre ensures that some part of his work is sure to have that effect on you, no matter your style.

“Creator Mind Machine (Abstract 82)” – Angel Estevez (2008)

“Abstract Composition 107” – Angel Estevez (2010)










For more information on any of the above works or to purchase a reproduction, just click the image. To see the full gallery of all of his delightful artwork, head on over to his gallery at

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