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Dan Avenell: Pop Art that Pops!

Dan Avenell is a contemporary artist that lives and works in London. He has been an artist for more than twenty years and has an extensive background in commercial illustration. He most commonly uses pen and ink to start, with additional digital altering afterwards, but he has also used acrylics, oils, and silk-screening. He often uses famous figures in his art, which makes it appealing to a wide audience of fans.

Avenell has a unique style that adds flare to traditional pop art techniques. He combines the look of comic books, pop icons and current celebrities to create art that is energetic and fun. Subjects of his work often include comic characters, famous musicians, actors, and movie characters. The themes are always easy to identify and popular with any age group. He is able to make modern art accessible to anyone and enjoyed by everyone. Avenell usually uses bright color, but has been known to use black and white, as well as muted tones and sepia on occasion.

Feel the thrill of childhood with Breakfast of Champions, featuring some of our most beloved comic book characters. Or embrace the villainous Joker character in his work The Joker. Bring a little music appreciation into your home with either 2Pac or the Beatles in Color. Impress your friends and family with a high quality pop art print of Al Pacino in Scarface, captured by Avenell in Montana.

Dan Avenell offers a wide variety of great, masterfully create pieces of pop art that will look beautiful in any home. One of the pieces from his gallery will add energy and fun to the room, while offering your guests recognizable characters to admire.  There are also a number of similar contemporary artists in our Contemporary Art gallery that would complement his work. We at have a wide selections of options to choose from.

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