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Allyson Block: Discover the World in the Abstract

Allyson Block is a contemporary American Artist who lives and works in New Jersey. She has studied art extensively at institutions that include The Art Institute of Chicago, Chautauqua Institution School of Art, and SUNY Empire State College. Her work has been shown in galleries all across the United States and has been praised by numerous art critics. Using a variety of mediums, including drawing, oil paints and sculpture, she explores expression through the use of shapes and colors. Creativity has always been something that came naturally to her and she is always trying to challenge herself with new ways to share that with the world.

Block believes that each blank canvas or new piece of art gives her the chance to express her innermost feelings. The use of colors, shapes and design reflect the complexity of life and the world around us. Every new work she begins is a chance at discovery and she looks forward to what that might bring. Her hope is that through her work she can present emotion that connects with her audience.

In our Allyson Block gallery we have chosen some of her most vibrant works to offer at affordable prices as high quality prints on canvas. There are interesting angles to create depth in Departure 1 and Departure 2. Softer strokes and swirls of color are used in pieces like Morning and Exposition. While an explosion of texture attract the eye to Departure 6.< There is enough variety in her work to appeal to almost any style and taste.  Her bright and colorful abstract pieces will add energy to any room of the house.

About the Author

Amanda graduated from the University of Kansas, where she studied English literature and got a masters degree in library sciences. She enjoys reading, cooking and playing with her nephews. Her best friend is her little dog Brady.