Argentinean Artist Raquel Sarangello Named’s February Artist of the Month

Argentinean figurative painter, Raquel Sarangello, was recently announced as featured artist of the month. Sarangello’s unique style and subject matter earned her top marks with recent works she has shared on the art community website as of late.

Sarangello started painting only 18 years ago, in her hometown of Mercedes, Buenos Aires. When asked ‘what inspired you to become an artist?’ Sarangello explains, “As a child, I went to an exhibition of plastic artists and I was very touched by the beautiful work. That day I decided that I would also be an artist.”

Despite her love for the arts at an early age, it took her many years to start devoting her life to painting. “I decided to devote full time to painting at age 37, it was thanks to an Italian collector who bought several of my paintings and gave me the impetus to devote to this beautiful profession.”

Her art has evolved throughout the years as she tried several styles until she found her calling depicting emotional moments of the human condition: “My art reflects the human being and its environment.” says Sarangello.

Sarangello’s art combines strong outlines and vivacious colors to show a daily reality of prominent figures of melancholy faces and simple happiness. Sarangello’s works manage to penetrate the threshold of the soul of the observer.

Sarangello’s has had great success selling art online with over 100 oil paintings sold! She decided to join Artist Become as she found that the existing artist base is of “good level,” and she hopes to have a “good reception” of her work by the community.

In addition, Sarangello likes the option that Artist Become gives her to sell reproductions of her works and not just originals. “…not all people can purchase an original painting, it’s good to have the opportunity to purchase a reproduction.” She explains.

Sarangello is a true student of the arts, constantly in learning mode, trying to add more layers to her arsenal of artistic expression: “I’m interested in researching new techniques to bring them to my work. I have worked in oil, acrylic, inks, graffiti, carbon, silkscreen, also in sculptures in polyester resin and glass. I’m always trying new techniques to enrich my work.”

Sarangello’s works have been on display in brick-and-mortar galleries in Italy, France, and the US. In 2014, Sarangello will host an exhibition in France and has an upcoming show in her hometown of Mercedes, Argentina.

Since its official launch in March 2011, Artist Become has been opening doors for emerging and established artists around the world. There is no cost to join and members can sell their art without commission fees. Artists receive royalties for every canvas reproduction sold. The online community focuses solely on original art and its growing amount of artist members. Artist Become is a sister site of the popular online art gallery, the go-to source on the web for purchasing art reproduction oil paintings. For more information, visit Sarangello is one of more than 1500 international artists featured on Artist Become.

For more information on Raquel Sarangello art please visit her gallery at

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