Unlocking the Art of Presenting Gift Cards: A Creative Guide for Art Gift Card Presentations

‘Tis the season of last-minute gift hunts, and a gift card often becomes the saving grace. While they’re convenient, let’s be honest – a plain gift card lacks the flair of a thoughtfully wrapped present. If you’re aiming to surprise the art lover in your life with a gift card this Christmas and want to up the ante on presentation, look no further. Here are some imaginative ways to present a gift card that will turn a simple gesture into a memorable experience.

Attach It to a Personal Drawing

Go beyond the ordinary by adding a personal touch. If you’ve chosen a gift card from overstockArt.com, consider attaching it to a small, meaningful item. How about sketching a portrait of both of you or attempting to recreate a Van Gogh masterpiece? Accompany it with a note like, “This is my humble attempt at art, but here’s a gift card for a world of hand-painted masters inside…”
art gift card with a personal drawing

Print Out And Frame

For digital storefront gift cards, give the present an elegant twist. Print out a copy of the gift card and place it in a beautiful picture frame, perhaps one you already have at home. Now, they not only have the gift card but also a keepsake frame. Encourage them to use the frame for a cherished photo of themselves with the thoughtful gift giver.
Picture frame your gift card

Make Part Of A Basket

For experiential gift cards like a spa day or an activity, consider creating a thematic basket. Surround the gift card with small items that complement the experience. It gives them something tangible to hold onto until they can fully enjoy the gift card.

Decorative Envelope

Don’t neglect the envelope – it’s part of the presentation! People often think of the perfect gift wrapping for a present, but the same idea could be applied to the envelope for a gift card. Find a brightly color envelope and add your own flair to it. Visit the scrapbooking section of your local craft store for decorative elements. Consider including handwritten quotes to add an extra layer of thoughtfulness.

Create A Puzzle

If you want to get really creative, you could print out the gift card on printer paper, then glue it to a piece of card board. Use a box cutter to cut it into puzzle pieces and then put those inside a small gift box. They will be amused to find out what they are getting as a gift once they are able to put the puzzle together.

No matter how you decide to present it, a gift card is a versatile and thoughtful gift. It allows the recipient the joy of choosing something they truly desire, while being available instantly. We hope you think about possibly purchasing a gift card from overstockArt.com for beautiful art for the collector in your life. It is a great gift that will last a life time.

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