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Top Ten Contemporary Artist for 2014 Released by Artist Become

TOP TEN CONTEMPORARY ARTIST FOR 2014 RELEASED BY ARTIST BECOMEThe online art gallery, Artist Become ( has just released it’s Top 10 Contemporary Artists List for 2014. Leading the pack for the second year straight is Polish artist, Justyna Kopania with Belgium artist Pol Ledent holding second place two years in a row as well. Artist Become is an online artist community that showcases original art of both established and emerging artists around the world.

“We are continuing our massive growth on Artist Become,” said David Sasson, CEO of, the online art gallery that owns and manages Artist Become. “We celebrated our third year in existence and more than doubled our number of member artists and original works of art on display on the website. In addition, Artist Become artists have been gaining more and more popularity.”

Kopania is one of the 2500 artists showcasing their art on Artist Become. Of those artists, 1200 were new to the online art community in 2014. With roughly 48,500 original pieces on display on Artist Become, 13,500 works which were uploaded during 2014, there were a lot of artists up for consideration for inclusion in the Top 10 list.

Helena Wierzbicki, Adrian Borda, Jeffrey Pierson and Mark Bennett have all held a spot in the Top 10 two years in a row. The four new artists that made the list are Lisa Carney, Susan Fischer, Celito Medeiros and Alex Bertaina. The Top 10 contemporary artists hail from Poland, Belgium, Canada, Romania, Argentina, France, Brazil, The United States, The Ukraine and Italy. The pieces are chosen based on sales, feedback from art lovers and decorators that use artist become.

Artist Become’s 2014 Top 10 contemporary artists are:

WWhen asked what was special about this year’s list, David Sasson said, “The Top 10 Artists for 2014 exemplify the global nature of Artist Become. This international gallery is truly evolving the art world and making it ‘flat’ more than ever before. People are developing connections that would have been impossible in the past. It goes to show that the inspirational qualities of art transcend borders and continues to be an important cornerstone of life in all cultures.

We are proud to have artists such as Celito Medeiros, an international peace ambassador, on our Top 10 list this year. We know that art has a positive impact on the world and are grateful to be able to offer this platform for these amazing artists.”

Every year more artists and art lovers are joining This is the third anniversary of Artist Become and they are excited to see the website doing so well. This is a rare community that allows artists to connect with each other, find inspiration and sell their art for free. Moreover, it allows art buyers to save money on one-of-a-kind original art.

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