Artist Become Releases First Annual Top 10 Contemporary Art List

Night - Art by the Artist justyna kopaniaArtist Become (, the new online community for creating, selling and buying artwork online, just revealed its first annual Top 10 Contemporary Art List. Topping the 2012 list, which names the top 10 most popular works of art on the site for the year, is the painting “Night” by the Polish emerging artist Justyna Kopania.

“We have had a breakout year for Artist Become,” said David Sasson, CEO of, the online art gallery that owns and manages Artist Become. “We celebrated our first anniversary and more than doubled our number of member artists and original works of art on display on the website.”

Kopania is one of the 800 artists showcasing their art on Artist Become. Of those artists, 500 were new to the online art community in 2012. With roughly 10,000 original pieces on display on Artist Become, 6,500 works which were uploaded during 2012, there was a lot of art up for consideration for inclusion in the Top 10 list.

Artist Become’s 2012 Top 10 contemporary works of art are:

  1. Night” – Justyna Kopania
  2. Delight” – Helena Wierzbicki
  3. Moon” – Justyna Kopania
  4. Provence 451190” – Pol Ledent
  5. Pushing Free” – Jeffrey Pierson
  6. Autumn Afternoon” – Ingrid Dohm
  7. SPB 801” – Igor Nelubovich
  8. La Jolla Cave” – Shant Beudjekian
  9. Escapades” – Ruth Palmer
  10. Familiar Trail” – Jerry Sauls

The Top 10 list is not based on sales alone, but also takes into consideration customer feedback and selections from Artist Become’s crew of decorators and art lovers.

Artist Become provides a unique means for emerging artists to be discovered, and to assist established professionals in finding new clients without relying on high-priced art dealers. Member artists hail from around the world from the company’s headquarters in Wichita, Kan. to various locales throughout North America to Argentina, Belgium, Poland and Russia, to name a few places.

“The beauty of Artist Become is that it is a win-win model as we offer a plethora of tools for the artists along with a top-of-the-line gallery system to present and sell their original works for free, and at the same time get royalties for prints sold of their art,” Sasson explained. “In general, we have had a great response from artist in the community and the majority of our growth has been word-of-mouth of the artists communicating about Artist Become with their circle of friends and family.”

At Artist Become fellow artists and art lovers can connect and communicate with other community members, comment and rate each other’s artwork and become fans of other members. Artwork found on the site can be purchased as an original piece of art directly from the artist, or as a museum-quality fine art print. There is no cost to join and members can sell their art without commission fees. Artists receive royalties for every canvas reproduction sold.

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