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Hot new artists’s June Artist of the Month is Painter Maria Karalyos

Romanian artist Maria Karalyos paints in a raw and intuitive fashion, conveying emotion more than photorealistic detail. The well-chosen color combinations in each piece create an atmospheric and moody quality that really draw the viewer into the scene. From images of city streets to more organic landscapes and seascapes, each canvas captures a unique moment in a subtly effective way.

The Woman in Red

The Woman in Red – Maria Karalyos (2016)

Living in Turda, Romania, in the heart of historic Transylvania, her work has been exhibited throughout the region. Within a year of beginning to paint she was already showing her creations in public and private galleries. She credits a visit to Tuscany in Italy with providing her the inspiration to take up painting. Not just the internationally renowned collections of old masters that are common to the region but also the local artists known only within their tight-knit communities. Seeing other artists so passionately working at a local and regional level gave her the courage to do the same upon returning home.

Sunset on the Beach

Sunset on the Beach – Maria Karalyos (2016)


Residing in a relatively unknown area on the international scale, Karalyos is quick to give credit to online marketplaces like for giving her the ability to share her art with admirers everywhere. It’s the increased outreach from this approach that has resulted in the majority of her sales.

Most of her work is made in oil paints, though she continues to experiment and grow as an artist. More recent ventures include images made with acrylic and watercolor paints, as well as trying new tools like palette/artist knives. In exploring new methods, she seeks to find new ways to express herself. Speaking about what art means to her, Karalyos writes:

Art, for me, is a way to externalize feelings and emotions […] is the bond that is created between me and other people without using words […] is a way to show everyone a different world – a world hidden in your heart.

Notably, you won’t find entirely abstract painting among her diverse body of work. Her inspiration comes from the world around her, as she sees it – full of harmony and beauty that she wishes to communicate to viewers from around the world, transcending language. Describing the world around us, she call it “an endless source of inspiration, as our imagination and soul.”

To see more of her work as she continues to share it with us, check out her gallery on When you find something you like, high-quality affordable reproductions are available there, sales of which help support the artist. Or go connect with her and get yourself a bona fide original!

Autumn Birches

Autumn Birches – Maria Karalyos (2016)

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