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Béatrice Bedeur: Transforming the World We See

Born in 1961 in Belguim, Béatrice Bedeur is both a painter and photographer who also studied cinematography. She has learned how light and composition can enhance the scene being portrayed on the canvas in such a beautiful way. She likes to mix aspects from numerous artist styles to create a form that is very unique to her. Her works have been featured in exhibitions and wonnumerous awards. Most recently she celebrated receiving her first Abstract Art Award.

One of the things that Bedeur is most well-known for is her innovative landscapes. Her use of bright colors and sharp lines create geometric patterns out of photographic clichés. It’s a deconstructed view of the world that becomes compelling to view as an audience. An ordinary tree-line is transformed into something with so much more life and interest once she has layered on the “graphs” and techniques she employs. She decomposes and stylizes the image, reducing the details in the background and intensifying the central images by redefining their shapes.

The use of oil paints to add bold, contrasting colors create the feeling of heat, light and harmony. Colors are fundamental for Bedeur and she likes using them in a vast range that helps invoke many different reactions. The different tones and layers help stimulate the senses so that it becomes more than just an image on a wall, but an experience for the audience. The viewer is invited into the new and wonderful world she has created.

One of the more abstract and vivid pieces is Spirale, which depicts circular shaped trees on a spiraled path made of brightly colored dots. The lack of color in the background draws the eyes to the main subject which is beautifully crafted. In contrast, Le Chimen shows an abundance of detail, with her layers of color giving it a deconstructed appearance. Many of her pieces like this reflect her photography background.  A popular piece that demonstrates her masterful use of tone in colors is Sunflowers.Here, asymmetrical shapes contrast dark areas against light shades, crafting surreal shadows across the fields. In each of these pieces, the audience is given something both familiar, but unknown.

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