Belgian Artist Pol Ledent Named Artist Become’s December Artist of the Month

Artist Become named Belgian artist Pol Ledent its December Artist of the Month. A native of Houvet, Belgium, Ledent still lives in his hometown and fondly depicts landscapes from the area in many of his works of art. He attended the University of Louvain and earned a master’s degree in art and literature and is a self-taught artist.

Ledent started his art career with watercolors in 1989 but soon felt like oil painting would better match his aspiration and moved on to this technique in 1995. His preferred subjects are landscapes, particularly the stunning landscapes of his country, like those found near his home in the Belgian Ardennes in the south of Belgium.

Ledent first painted landscapes of the country in an impressionistic way. Then he tried to paint summer landscapes and the colors became more vivid. At the moment his works of art are a mix of abstract and figurative works. “I try to paint these landscapes in a very unreal way, assembling very unusual colors in this part of the country,” Ledent explained.

“What people like most in my paintings are the colors,” he stated. “My art doesn’t speak to the intellect but to the soul and to the feelings, I would say it is rather romantic.”

Ledent is one of Artist Become’s most active member artists, exhibiting more than 200 works of art in his personal gallery on Artist Become. Those works of art include:

Abstract 8821015 – This painting is part of the Random is King series, a newer series of paintings that uses collage elements paired with realistically painted objects such as the yellow balloon and the other images to provide a springboard for the viewer’s imagination while allowing the artist to experiment and daydream.

AUTUMN - Pol LedentAutumn 452111 – I really like this one because of the magnificent colors of autumn. The painting also gives me a feeling of being alone in the woods which goes with the decaying atmosphere of the season.

Red Poppies in Houroy – This landscape just inspires me – the joy of a summer day just near my home in Houyet, Belgium. This painting is a colorful symphony with red poppies and blue cornflowers seeming to pop out of the canvas.

After taking part into numerous collective exhibitions, several galleries requested to show Ledent’s works in solo exhibits. He has exhibited his artwork at numerous galleries throughout Belgium and in other European countries, including France and Russia, and in the United States.

Ledent still considers himself an emerging artist and says he took his artwork online to garner a larger following, “The more people who see your art on the internet, the better it is for you,” he said. “Some people buy a reproduction first and later on the contact you to buy an original.”

Ledent is one of more than 500 international artists featured on Artist Become.

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