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Brenda Thour Selected as’s February Artist of the Month

Since 1998, Minnesota native Brenda Thour has been making art. She calls painting her passion and it shows; the loving care with which she renders the natural world is apparent in every brushstroke. Even after having painted countless animals and serene landscapes over the years, each work maintains a truly unique sense of personality and character.

One of her goals as an artist, she says, is “to bring a little bit of peace and calmness, if only for a moment” to the viewer. Goal achieved, Brenda. The paintings she makes are disarming and empathetic. Imbued in her subjects is a certain stillness that manifests diversely – from the preservation of delicate beauty to the statuesque majesty of powerful figures.


“Watching” – Brenda Thour (2009)

As a member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society, she unsurprisingly works mostly with oil and acrylic paints. She isn’t stuck in one method of working though and continues to experiment with other media; most recently, she’s created some stunningly vivid artwork using alcohol inks.

Thankfully she signed up to share her work through ArtistBe, as her work isn’t available in any brick and mortar galleries. Her paintings are on display in her home and there are currently no plans for upcoming exhibitions. This isn’t to say she’s keeping them all to herself however, as she put them online for the purpose of sharing with more people than any physical location could allow. Her work has sold to art lovers throughout the United States, Canada, and Norway.

"Green Sea Turtle"

“Green Sea Turtle” – Brenda Thour (2010)

We’re happy to have Brenda Thour and her delightful paintings on To see more of what she’s been making, head over to her gallery at and be sure to leave a comment below with your favorite piece.

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Joe Strouth is a photographer and art lover with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. He enjoys reading, minimalist sculpture and music, and documentary photography from the second half of the 20th century. Having lived all over the world, he tries to visit museums any time he travels.