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Classic Artwork Beds from the National Gallery and Savoir Beds

Artwork can often be the item that brings life to the interior of a home. A well placed piece can capture a mood or lend energy to a space. In no room is that more crucial than the bedroom, where you escape to relax at the end of each day. What if you could not only hang a beautiful piece of art, but could actually tuck yourself into one each night? That’s the opportunity that is being offered by luxury bed company, Savoir and the National Gallery.

Savoir is a London based bed company founded in 1905, to make beds for the luxury hotel The Savoy.  Their mattresses are the most expensive in the world, including one worth $175,000. They are known for using only the best all natural materials and the beds have unique design elements to cater to any style. Celebrities and wealthy international clients alike, choose this brand because they know they are getting the best. Part of what keeps them at the top of the list for high end furniture is their constant innovation for design, only now they are turning to masters of the past for inspiration.

Completed in 1940, the National Gallery is home to one of America’s finest collections of art and rivals many of the national museums. With over 2300 pieces of art, including many pieces from the greatest painters in history, they offer a wide selection from the mid-thirteenth century to the 1900s. Pairing with the bed company is a smart move, as it highlights and promotes the vast collection of art housed in the museum and gives patrons a way to bring a piece of that beauty into their own homes.  The National Gallery relies on donations to keep it open and free to the public, so this could be a genius move for marketing.

Ordering a custom bed is designed to be a hands on process for the buyer, where he gets to select everything from the painting for the design, to the fabric, to the bed style. The art piece, once selected is cropped and placed in a layout for the bed style chosen by the buyer. The National Gallery is consulted to make sure that the changes to the image don’t change the overall intent of the piece. They want to maintain a certain amount of authenticity. The pattern is then printed with high quality digital printing to the fabric of choice. They offer luxurious velvet, textured linen or natural cotton. The fabric is then fixed to the headboard and base of the bed. A plaque with the artist and artwork title is the finishing touch.

As beautiful as the beds are, they do not come cheap, with pricing starting around $35,000 for the bed alone, not including the designer mattress. If you can’t afford to add art to your bedroom with one of these wonderful beds, we at Overstockart can offer you a lovely hand painted piece of art to hang on your wall. Browse through our bedroom gallery at the pieces we feel bring peace and serenity to a bedroom, or search by your favorite of the old masters. Everything we offer is off the highest quality, but at an affordable cost. If we don’t show what you are looking for, we also to custom requests but at a manageable price. Let us help you add something special to an important room in your home.

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