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Come Home to Hygge

Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. Woodsy cabin, warm socks, a crackling fire, and a warm cup of your favorite drink are some of the most common associations that come to mind. With the growing interest behind this winter trend, interior design is also taking form. And those trends include clean lines, simple colors, and basic images. When combined together, these elements help to enhance your winter experience indoors, without overpowering any room.

One of the signature elements of the Hygge style is the use of clean lines. Pieces like Tintern Abbey and Kozuke Province: Mount Haruna Under Snow, exemplify this. The subjects are clearly defined and less textured than some other pieces of landscape. This makes it easy to see the fine details of the scene as the artist intended.

Since Hygge design is most often associated with winter, the colors tend to be simple and soft. There is usually a lot of white, especially in the popular winter scenes being depicted. Complimentary tones of red, blue and green are often used to accent the white in paintings such as De Overstorming and Branches of an Almond Tree. They are usually understated and used as more of a focal point, than absorbing the entire canvas. This keeps the tone in the room from becoming too busy or overwhelming.

Simplicity is the main idea behind the Hygge movement and that includes keeping the images from being too crowded. This means that a lot of still-life pieces could be included in the design style. Still life with Thistles or Lilacs in a Vase would look cozy hanging beside the fireplace. Portrait of a Man in Red Chalk would also provide a comforting art piece to any room.

The elements of Hygge home design are meant to make people feel comfortable and cozy. It is simple, but effective in creating that inviting space that will draw friends and family into the room. Feel free to browse our gallery of Hygge inspired piece to find the perfect room to add warmth to your own home.

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