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August Flower: The Poppy

The month of August for many indicates the end of summer. It can be a time for reflection and enjoyment of the warm summer weather. The bright, vibrant poppy flower is perfect to represent this final month of the season. Here are some of our favorite pieces that showcase the poppy flower in its brilliance.

John Singer Sargent-Poppies

John Singer Sargent was one of the famous American artists whose Impressionist works made a splash around the world. Poppies is one of his earlier works which shows a hint of Realism that the artist was influenced by at the time. The gorgeous floral subject set in nature, rather than a still life, features that beautiful en plein air philosophy to which so many Impressionists subscribed. With its dark background and lush florals, it adds an elegant yet moody atmosphere to any space.

Vincent Van Gogh-Field of Poppies

Van Gogh often depicted poppies, especially between the years of 1886 and 1890, when he lived in Paris. This 1890 version is among his latest, celebrated for the brilliant contrast between the bright red poppy blooms and the green alfalfa fields that sprawl across the canvas. Field of Poppies is significant because it lays out the artist’s tried-and-true color technique.

Gustav Klimt-Poppy Field

Scholars and collectors of works by artist Gustav Klimt know that there’s no natural subject matter more synonymous with this Austrian symbolist painter than the ever-changing field of poppies. Landscapes only accounted for about a quarter of Klimt’s works, but they are indeed some of his most-loved masterpieces. This oil reproduction of Klimt’s Poppy Field is a fine example of his series on poppy-filled landscapes, and shows one of his most common scenes with a darkened and dramatic overcast sky.

Claude Monet-Poppies at Giverny

In 1885, Claude Monet was living happily in Giverny, a rural part of France. In Poppies at Giverny, Monet displayed just how vibrant and charming this natural landscape really was. He also demonstrated his mastery of the Impressionist style by capturing the movement and fleeting nature of a summer’s day. The bright blue sky dusted with wispy clouds hangs over the lush green fields decorated by bright red flowers. It is a spectacular sunny day captured by a master.

Celito Medeiros-Still Life with Poppies

Celito Medeiros is known for his use of vibrant colors and his painting, Still life with Poppies, doesn’t disappoint. He uses the rich red of the poppy flower set against the mixed blues in the  background to create a contemporary still life. It will add an energetic flare to any room of the house and amaze all of your guests.

Vincent Van Gogh-Vase with Daisies and Poppies

With the generous application of paint and broad, visible brushstrokes, it’s immediately clear that Vase with Daisies and Poppies is a Vincent Van Gogh creation. This stunning work is a nice change of pace for those who are mostly acquainted with Van Gogh’s more famous night scenes. In this painting, the artist used that same striking technique and skill to make a simple vase of flowers just as captivating as a star-filled night sky.

Atelier de Jiel-Poppies

Poppies is a beautiful painting of popular floral motif by Atelier De Jiel. Enjoy the beauty and color of this painting reproduced as a fine canvas print. Atelier De Jiel is a professional painter from the  French region of Paca. While often being titled a conventional painter and having his work compared to the art of children, this is what makes his work stand-out. It’s his child like approach and soul which he draws his energy, an essential source of his creativity.

We hope that this small list has helped you consider adding a new piece of art, featuring the beautiful poppy flower, to your collection. There are also a number of other flower options in our floral gallery. We here at want to inspire you in finding just the right piece for every room in your house, all year round.

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