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Frederic Kohli- Beauty in Structure

Frederic Kohli is a retired engineer and businessman. He has produced a wide variety of artwork over the past 20 years, including paintings, drawings and photography. Frederic is a WWII veteran and he lives in Florida with his wife Elizabeth, who is also an accomplished artist. Many of his artworks are currently held by collectors in the United States and Europe.

His early work includes paintings of a range of subjects from lighthouse seascapes to scenic landscapes of mountains, lakes, beaches, desert and tropical vistas. He also had a number of pieces that included impressionist floral scenes. He has some photographic work that includes cloud formations and colorful flower blossoms. It is evident that in his earlier works, he was trying to capture the impressionist feeling in a more modern way.  Later he began to work with pen and pencil sketches, revolving around architecture.  They include some of the most famous landmarks from around  the world.

The Frederic Kohli gallery has a wide variety of his work available for purchase. We have some of his earlier, impressionist landscapes such as Fields of Flowers and Montauk Point Lighthouse. We offer a few of pieces from his floral photography such as White Calla Lily and Gerber Daisies. Then there is an assortment of his more recent, pen and pencil sketches. Arch of Triumph and Westminster Abbey are gorgeously done in black and white, while pieces like Big Ben include a pop of color.

Frederic Kohli is an artist that has a very diverse collection of work available. There is something for every taste and style. Feel free to browse his gallery and find the perfect piece for your home.

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