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Jo Sada: Hypnotic Beauty

Jo SadaJo Sada: Hypnotic Beauty is an Italian artist that currently lives in Rome and produces beautiful abstract art pieces. Italy has been home to some of the greatest painters in history. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna before moving to where he currently resides. Born in the eighties, he is able to approach art with an energy that is indicative of his generation. This month’s ArtistBe artist of the month brings a fresh perspective that will breathe new life into your home or office space.

He describes his art as being abstract, but with deep material lines. Combining elements of color, structure, and dimension, he attempts to create an extension of his own mind. Each piece is meant to evoke a combination of calm and joy in the audience. The intense use of color is meant to create beauty and movement that captures the eye. It makes each of his paintings come alive to the viewer. Creating a hypnotic scene that is able to keep your gaze as you search for patterns and transitions of color.

Feel the chill in the air from the piece Artic Phenomena or get the chills from Supernatural. Marvel at the resemblance to the playful dog ears in both Like a Papillon and Like a Papillon 2. Or just enjoy the serene ambiance provided in Evolution One. All of his pieces have strong design elements and bold colors that will add a new level of energy to any room. Feel free to browse this amazing artist’s gallery for more inspiration and see for yourself why Jo Sada has created the perfect piece for your collection.

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