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Clive Watts: The Abstract Beauty in Composition

Clive Watts is an engineer, painter, and photographer living in Scotland. In his early photography, Watts learned how the perfect composition could produce such a beautiful image. As a result, he brought that knowledge over into his other art forms. Watts describes his style as being modernist abstraction and works primarily in acrylics and oils. He often visited art galleries in his youth and realized that striking composition drew him in the most. Now in his seventies, he hopes that people find that same kind of striking beauty in his work and that it will inspire those in the future.

Watts believes that his art is meant to convey different things to different people, as each individual interprets it. During the pandemic, he has been enjoying the ability to practice his art in solitude. However, he still finds time to connect with other artists. These connections help keep his creativity flowing. As an abstract artist, he is most inspired by the images in his head, and he enjoys toying with an idea before producing a finished product to explore possibilities. His current art uses bold lines and color blocking. This technique creates designs that are interesting to look at and convey a sense of sophistication.

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Clive Watts - Blue Curve

The Clive Watts print gallery is full of innovative works of abstract art. The use of bold colors is impressive in both Orange Sided and Crack, which is an interesting play against a neutral background. Exploring more fluid shapes, including circles, can be seen in Ringer No 1 and Ringer No 2. The use of familiar hidden shapes adds extra complexity in 0 to 9, while the use of a singular color element in Pain is a show of sophistication and simplicity. Watts offers pieces with both muted tones and brighter colors. Each has its own distinct composition designed to provide cohesiveness to all of his work. That means you could select any piece, or multiple pieces, to bring a room together. Explore the beautiful collection of fine art pieces created by this incredible contemporary artist.

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