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Enjoy Summer Vacation in Paris or Rome without Leaving Home

There’s a reason Italy and Paris are on so many travelers’ bucket lists. These two places are known for beautiful views and wonderful energy. In these difficult times, we here at understand how hard it is to plan a vacation. Therefore, we have gathered a collection of pieces that might help soothe your longing for faraway places. Painted by unknown artists, these scenes are all carefully crafted to provide you with the most realistic sense of being there that you can get from the comfort of home.


Unknown Artists - Cafe Italy

Cafe Italy

Café Italy captures the alluring appeal of this country in one simple yet, captivating scene. This piece features an Impressionist take on a gorgeous coastal vista, complete with the brilliant blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The sloping hills in the distance and lush florals call to mind the intoxicating natural beauty of Italy. The café in the foreground looks undeniably inviting. That is to say, it’s the type of place where you can imagine spending hours gazing out at the sea and sipping on a warm cappuccino.

Unknown Artists - Italy at Dusk

Italy at Dusk

The Italian coast is unmatched anywhere in the world. Italy at Dusk is a stunning piece of art that incorporates Impressionist and Romantic styles to create a captivating landscape. The glimmering water, the lush greenery and the charming homes along the cliffs all come together to create an engaging scene. The colorful palette and blurred brush strokes add a dreamy quality, making it the perfect piece to gaze upon when you want to dream about your next Italian getaway.

Unknown Artists - Private Courtyard

Private Courtyard

Private Courtyard’s exceptional use of color, detail and brush strokes gives a grand interpretation of an old Mediterranean city. Many Italian cities are famous for their fountains and in this scene your see a perfectly sculpted fountain is the focus. The use of shadows gives the audience the impressions that this is a cool escape from the warm, sunny day. Imagine an afternoon lunch on these old stone steps, with this private courtyard in your view.

Unknown Artists - North View of Mountains

North View of Mountains

Although much of Italy is known for its beautiful seaside views, there are many who enjoy the beauty of its mountains as well. In North View of Mountains, you are able to see a lovely wood landscape captured in the evening sun. There is a small house in the distance that is set against the majestic mountain backdrop. The elaborate details in the foreground, include both a rushing stream and the walking path. As a result, the canvas creates an inviting setting that you can almost step right into.


Unknown Artists - Evening's Delight In Paris

Evening’s Delight In Paris

There’s something so dreamy about the cobblestone streets of Paris, which is captured perfectly in Evening’s Delight in Paris. This lovely painting of Paris features an Impressionist sensibility complete with swift brushstrokes and blurred patches of color to create an incredible sense of reflected light. For instance, the sunset scene sprinkles warm, golden light over the bustling streets. Moreover, the Eiffel Tower stands majestically in the background, adding a stately touch to the scene. Enjoy a relaxing evening at home with this hand-crafted painting in your room.

Unknown Artists - Buggy Ride Through Paris

Buggy Ride Through Paris

Buggy Ride Through Paris takes the perspective of one enjoying a ride on a gorgeous, busy day. People and carts bustle through the streets with the Eiffel Tower rising above all in the background. In addition, the use of light is remarkable, with shadows and reflections accenting the vibrant urban landscape. The thick paint application adds texture and depth to the image, making it come alive to the audience. This piece will make you feel like a citizen of Paris.

Unknown Artists - Gardens Near The Eiffel

Gardens Near The Eiffel

What could be more enchanting than a beautiful spring day in Paris? If that sounds like your idea of heaven, you’ll adore Gardens Near the Eiffel. This piece features a bright, sunny day in Paris that includes a horse and buggy and quiet garden scenery. Let it transport you to a serene viewpoint of the iconic landmark. The delicate, soft light that dapples the colorful flowers and leafy trees adds a warm, inviting feeling to this painting of Paris.

Unknown Artists - Au Revoir To The Light of Paris II

Au Revoir To The Light of Paris II

The charm and character of Paris is illuminated in glorious sunset lighting in Au Revoir to The Light of Paris II. This stunning scene features a bustling Parisian street with the iconic Eiffel Tower rising up in the background. The sky is lit up with the dreamy colors of an evening sunset, casting a beautiful soft light throughout the scene. The high society store patrons are dressed to the nines and horses with buggies trot through the streets, adding a historic element to this painting. Enjoy a bit of the elegant world of Paris from any room of your house.

We hope that one of these pieces is able to transform your home and give you the feeling of being in another place. If one of these doesn’t suit your style, take a look at some of the other pieces in our unknown artist gallery. Although we don’t know the person who created them, their talent is greatly admired.

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