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Father’s Day Art for Sons and Daughters

As Father’s Day approaches, perhaps you are still looking for the perfect gift for the father figure in your life. Instead of giving him something that reminds you of him, you might gift him with a stunning painting that will remind him of the son or daughter characters in his life. Here are a few paintings that we think capture the essence of a child’s wonder to represent that to your special role model.


Rembrandt-Return of the Prodigal Son

Return of the Prodigal Son is an original masterpiece by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. Rembrandt is generally considered one of the greatest painters in European history. Return of the Prodigal Son is a striking rendition of the classic biblical parable about a son who leaves with all of his father’s wealth and returns poor, to be embraced forgivingly by his father.

Claude Monet-Madame Monet and her Son

The famous Claude Monet painting, Madame Monet and her Son depicts his first wife Camille and their son Jean on a summer stroll outside their home in Argenteuil. Camille’s veil, dress and parasol are all billowed by the wind, while the artist’s son in the background. Monet’s lifelong obsession with the nature of color and light is on display, with grassy shadows countered by the bright blue sky.

Blue Sailor, Matisse

Henri Matisse-Young Sailor II

In a Young Sailor II by Fauvist painter Henri Matisse, a young sailor was spotted by Matisse and immediately wanted him for a portrait. The young man’s name was Germain Augustin Barthelemy Montarges, and he appears to be about 18 years old. The overall palette may be narrow, with the same blue for both the cap and coat, but the green trousers look stunning against the pink background.


Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Irene Cahen d’Anvers

With the famous Pierre-Auguste Renoir painting, Irene Cahen d’Anvers, the Impressionist technique reached its peak, with glorious accomplishment. Renoir applies his unique style to this painting, whose subject was the eight-year-old daughter of a Paris banker who commissioned the work. With rich details and color, Renoir paints a picture of the Victorian era seen through the eyes of Impressionism.

John William Waterhouse-Juliet

Juliet by John William Waterhouse is inspired by the great love story, Romeo and Juliet. This painting, also known as The Blue Necklace, depicts beautiful Juliet in deep contemplation. The young girl is depicted in fine detail and with so much emotion in her expression, that it makes you feel as if you are a part of the story.

In A Daisy Field, RobinsonTheodore Robinson-In a Daisy Field

In a Daisy Field was painted by Theodore Robinson, who was one of the greatest contributors to the American Impressionistic movement. The subjects of his paintings are often landscapes or people in a domestic and quiet scene. This painting features a young girl carrying an infant though a field of wild daisies. The realism and natural aspects of the scene are visible in the paintings details.


We hope that this list has at least gotten you started on the path to finding the perfect Father’s Day gift. If you are looking for more ideas, browse our Families gallery. We know that we have the right piece for every father figure in your life.

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