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I am Becoming by Jeffery F. PiersonWichita-based artist, Jeffrey F. Pierson, is one of the founding members of the new online community for creating, selling and buying artwork online, Artist Become ( Pierson is one of dozens of artists from around the world using the social commerce site to showcase and sell his artwork.

A native of Newton, N.J., Pierson has called Wichita home for more than two decades. He emerged as an artist at a young age and began creating his art when he felt compelled to record the things he was observing and feeling and to try to make his thoughts more concrete. In his youth Pierson was inspired by primitive art, Aboriginal art, early Christian and Byzantine art, and comic books. Pierson graduated Magna Cum Laude from Wichita State University and the University of South Dakota, obtaining his BFA and MFA in printmaking. Pierson resides in Wichita with his wife, Leanna, and their son.

Pierson has had many solo and group exhibitions showing locally, regionally and nationally. He stated that while brick and mortar galleries are wonderful to experience, the internet opens doors to a global community, which is one of his reasons for joining

“I hope that can be a vehicle by which my artwork along with my fellow artists work can reach a wider audience,” said Pierson. “My desire is that my imagery can be a catalyst for thought within the viewer inspiring thought and conversation.”

Pierson has more than 20 works of art available for purchase on the site, including:

  • I Am Becoming – With age and experience hopefully comes wisdom and awareness… This image is not just a self portrait but an introspective document noting mortality and the passage of time. This one of a kind original work of art employees mixed media including; silk screen, wood cut, intaglio, collage elements and mono-print.
  • Less I Forget Myself – Know thy self… The inspiration for this work of art is the exploration of one’s identity – should one concentrate solely on one’s own needs and selfish desires or fully devote life to someone else and their happiness? The painting exhibits the aesthetic qualities of print-based mixed media utilizing; woodcut, intaglio, mono print, and collage elements to enrich the surface.

“ provides a unique means for artists like Jeffrey to become recognized for their work and to make a living out of their creations,” stated David Sasson,’s president and CEO. is the latest venture by the popular online art gallery, the go-to source on the web for purchasing art reproduction oil paintings. There is no cost to join and members can sell their art without commission fees. Artists receive royalties for every canvas reproduction sold. The online community focuses solely on original art and its growing amount of artist members.’s founding members come from around the world, with artists hailing from the company’s Wichita, Kan. headquarters to Calgary, Canada; Warsaw, Poland; Oberhaid, Germany; Sherman Oaks, Calif.; and Brooklyn, N.Y., to name a few places.

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