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Franz Marc – The Golden Boy of German Expressionism

The beginning of October is usually when we celebrate Ocktoberfest, but due to COVID-19 most of those festivities have been canceled. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still celebrate German culture in your own home. One of the greatest German painters, Franz Marc, was an important part of the German Expressionism movement. His works were known for the use of bright colors and bold shapes. His eye-catching abstract designs are meant to evoke strong emotions from the audience, in keeping with the movement.

Franz Marc - Deer in the Forest

Franz Marc was born and lived in Germany, but died in France during World War I at the age of 36. He attended the Academy of Arts in Munich but did not complete his degree. Instead, he chose to travel and learn by studying other great artists. During his short career he was one of the founders of the German expressionist movement and showed his work in Berlin, Cologne, Hagen, and Frankfurt. He also used his art skills while serving as a cavalry man, by creating weapons camouflage for artillery. Even after his death, his works were popular enough to be sold in secret and even now fetch record breaking prices at auction.

Franz Marc - Yellow Cow

German Expressionism was popular right before the first world war. It included architecture, painting, dance, and film. These artists rejected the realistic depiction of a scene, often portraying distorted figures, buildings, and landscapes in a manner that disregarded the conventions of perspective and proportion. Using stylized shapes and bright, bold colors, these painters wanted to convey subjective emotions to the viewer.

Franz Marc - Fate of the Animals

Marc was most well-known for his depictions of animals and nature. Like the rustic animals in the Tower of Blue Horses or the Yellow Cow. Sometimes it would be woodland creatures, such as The Foxes, the Blue Black Fox or the Deer in the Forest. Perhaps you prefer more exotic animals like his The Tiger. He even captured man’s best friend with his work titled Dog Lying in the Snow.

Show some of your love for German art and history by choosing any of the beautiful pieces in the Franz Marc gallery to hang in your home. We know you will find just the right emotion to match your style.

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