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Give Mom a Rest

As Mother’s Day approaches, many of us are struggling with what to get as the perfect gift. Most of the mother figures in our lives don’t want anything specifically, but almost any of them would live to find a few moments to take it easy. They are always so busy taking care of those around them, that sometimes some rest is hard to find. Signal to the woman who has always cared for you that you encourage her to also take care of herself, by sharing with her one of these wonderful pieces of art depicting a woman taking a peaceful break from the world.

Flaming June.

Lord Frederic Leighton-Flaming June

Famous Lord Frederic Leighton painting, Flaming June, was created, just one year before the artist’s death. This Victorian portrait of a sleeping woman in a blazing, transparent orange dress shows Leighton’s classicist style, with characteristic touches such as rich colors and the use of natural light. Show your mother how peaceful sleep in the afternoon can be with this lovely piece.

Delicious Solitude

Frank Bradley-Delicious Solitude

Delicious Solitude by Frank Bramley depicts a woman, probably the artist’s wife, dressed in white, lounging in the sun, reading a book. Bramley was an English post-impressionist painter most well-known for his contribution to the Newlyn School art movement. Encourage your mother figure to find some time to enjoy being by herself with this gift.

Lady in an Armchair

Gustav Klimt-Lady in an Armchair

Lady in an Armchair, by Gustav Klimt, showcases a lady dressed in bold red gazing into the background, swallowed up by an equally red curtain while the armchair she rests in struggles to peek out. Klimt’s mature style combines richly decorative surface patterning with complex symbolism. With its vibrant color and intrigue, this painting is sure to be enjoyed by art collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Mother and Child

Lord Frederic Leighton-Mother and Child

Lord Frederic Leighton’s Mother and Child would make the perfect piece in the home of any classical art-lover. This scene depicts a comfortable Victorian interior with an ethereal mother and child tenderly interacting. Remind a mother in your life how precious these quiet, intimate moments can be with this Pre-Raphaelite inspired piece.

The Reader

Jean-Honore Fragonard-The Reader

The Reader is part of a series done by artist Jean-Honore Fragonard that features young girls in domestic scenes. The light and elegant forms in Fragonard’s paintings that created a carefree atmosphere set him apart from many other Renaissance artists of the time period. This would be the perfect piece for a mother who loves to lose herself in a good book.

The Siesta

Frederick Arthur Bridgman-The Siesta

Frederick Arthur Bridgman was an American artist who studied art in New York, but was inspired by the Middle Eastern themes. His style is marked by bright colors, high contrast lighting, and painterly brushwork. The Siesta is a beautiful example of his use of lighting and contrast, especially in the area where the sunlight falls over the lounging woman. Many mothers wish they could find a tranquil place such as this to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Lady in Yellow Dress

Max Kurzweil-Lady in Yellow Dress

Lady in Yellow Dress is a prime example of The Vienna Secession movement, founded by Max Kurzweil, Gustav Klimt and other artists. They were largely influenced by French impressionism and this piece depicts the artist’s wife lounging on a couch wearing a bright yellow dress. It tells the audience looking at it, that you can dress up and still find rest when you need it.

Let the women who spend their time looking after the family know that it is okay for them to spend time finding their own comfort with one of these, or other pieces we have in our Women’s gallery. We also offer beautiful still life bouquet or tranquil landscapes that might better suit them. We are sure that you will be able to find the perfect gift for every mother figure in your life.

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