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Mirrors Make Great Decor

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.-Edith Wharton

As the seasons change, people often want to find ways to liven up their interior spaces, but not always with a major overhaul. Sometimes adding one new design element can change the mood of a room. Mirrors are a great way to spruce up a dull room because they add light, space, and design elements while fitting in with the surrounding style. Here is a list of great reasons to try decorating with mirrors.

Brings Light In

No matter what size your room is, light plays an important role in how welcoming the space feels. Creating more light without more fixtures can help save on energy bills and limit how cluttered the room feels. Mirrors are able to reflect the light in a way that makes it seem brighter without adding more sources to the room. To avoid a cold, cavernous feeling, place the mirror near a light source but not directly in front of it. Larger mirrors will reflect more light, but groups of smaller mirrors can create great ambient light.

Creates a Focal Point in a Room

A focal point is a feature that naturally draws the eye when guests first enter a room. Hanging a large mirror on the opposite wall can give the room something interesting to look at. Using mirrors of different sizes and shapes can also be a creative way to build a feature into a room. If you are living in a rental, the clever use of low table set against walls give you a place to stand mirrors as an artistic statement. They can also provide light and diversity to a wall full of pictures to elevate the sophistication of them.

Gives the Illusion of More Space

Since mirrors reflect the image in front of it, you can use this to make a small space appear larger. When placed behind a piece of furniture it can make it seem like the room is less cluttered and that the furniture is more evenly set apart. It can go floor to ceiling for maximum emphasis or placed above a seating area to create an inviting social space.

Brings in the Outdoors

One of the best ways to use a mirror to bring new life into a room is to place it adjacent to an exterior window. It allows the fresh colors and the warm natural light into the room. Well placed mirrors can even spread some of that to interior rooms without windows. Choosing mirrors that have more natural looking, rustic frames increase the earthy atmosphere in the room, especially if they have a worn look. Combine these with a variety of houseplants and you can have an indoor oasis.

We hope this has you considering a mirror as the new piece that finds a home in your space. At we strive to help you find pieces that express your style and create the environment you want to invite those you love to visit.

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