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Mother’s Day Art Doesn’t Have to Be Roses

One of the best gifts you can give to your mother is a bouquet that last forever. A wonderful piece of art that displays beautiful blooms all year long will amaze her. Most people immediately think of roses as the perfect choice, but here at overstockArt we have created a list of bouquets featuring other flowers that are just as lovely. Your mother would be delighted to receive any of these flowering pieces.

Claude Monet-Sunflowers

Claude Monet was greatly inspired by natural elements, particularly flowers, so it is no surprise that Sunflowers is just as striking as his paintings of outdoor gardens and ponds. His Impressionist techniques create a sense of a fleeting glance but, he sticks to realistic color palettes to create a sense of depth and dimension despite his blurred, broad brushstrokes.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh-White Tulips

Tulips were a favorite of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, used frequently in his architectural designs, drawings, and paintings. In his painting titled White Tulips, Mackintosh used the long soft green stems to add gentle curves and movement to the composition. The delicate pink peonies on the table draped with a meticulously rendered table cloth create a natural pop of color.

Pierre Auguste Renoir-Tulips

French Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir spent many of his most productive years painting scenes in person, but what makes his floral still life paintings like Tulips so distinctive is it was painted while the artist was confined to a wheelchair. There’s heavy symbolism of the imminent decay of flowers in a vase, but there’s also bright, hopeful color and a triumph over illness.

Camille Pissarro-Bouquet of Pink Peonies

Though not as famous as some of his Impressionist counterparts, Camille Pissarro was just as vital to this artistic movement and his contributions to Impressionism were remarkable, including Bouquet of Pink Peonies. This gorgeous painting captures the intricate textures and depth of the peony flowers along with the accompanying greenery.

Edouard Manet-Branch Of White Peonies With Pruning Shears

Edourd Manet’s still life, Branch of White Peonies with Pruning Shears, depicting freshly cut flowers is one of the renowned French artist’s most celebrated impressionist works. It’s easy to see how he had mastered techniques from both Realism and Impressionism. The luxurious textures of each petal look so lifelike that it’s almost like you can reach out and touch them.

If none of these seem to fit what you are looking for, feel free to browse our gifts for Mother gallery and find more inspiration. We know we have enough variety that there is something for everyone’s mother.

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