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The Louvre Museum in Paris is the most famous art museum in the world. Both the building itself, and the pieces inside of it are fascinating to see in the backdrop of the movies we watch. Directors know this and have capitalized on it as much as possible. Over 500 films and music videos are shot at the Louvre each year according to the New York Times. Since we here at overstockArt adore the museum and movies that feature it, we have found some of our favorites. Here are some of the ways the Louvre has been able to make it into the movies.

The most recent movie to feature the Louvre prominently was the comic book based movie Wonder Woman. In it the lead character actually works at the Louvre, in the Greek antiquities department. This allows the film to show both the outside of the building a she arrives to work, the inside exhibits as she walks through the building, and the unique area that she keeps her office in. We are able to view so many of the iconic pieces during that short part of the movie and it is wonderful.

One of the most famous movies set at the Louvre is the enigmatic thriller, the Da Vinci Code. In this movie, a man is pulled into an ancient conspiracy involving many of the most famous pieces of art by the great masters. This means that a large portion of the film was shot inside the museum and showcases some of the most spectacular shots of the art. The location becomes an integral part of the story line, as well as a beautiful background for the characters as they hunt for clues in the works of art.

The famous pyramid in front of the Louvre has a long history of making appearances in the background of films. Often seen in the distance of movies such as the Bourne Identity, Fanny Face and much more, it is always recognizable. This architectural marvel is known to the majority of the world and creates a brilliant sense of place when used in a movie. To many it is considered the most iconic part of the museum, a beacon to draw people into the world of art.

There are other places to find the Louvre within the minutes of a movie, these are just a few ideas to get you started. The art that is housed there is revered, but so is the museum itself. The overstockArt staff invites you to browse some of our bestselling art, which is inspired by many of the pieces found in the Louvre. Perhaps you could find a piece to match a scene from one of your favorite movies.

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