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Musical Art to Make Your Heart Hum

Although art is often thought of as a visual enjoyment, many people consider it to be a compliment to the love of music. Decorating your room with inspirational pieces can help you find your creative flow better when you play. It can also enhance your listening experience. Here are some pieces that we at overstockArt will help you feel a deeper connection to your musical passions.

Adrian Borda – Life Is a Dance in the Rain Instrumental

Surrealist painter Adrian Borda connects music and romance in Life is a Dance in the Rain (Instrumental). Despite the impossible scenery, the image is lively and dynamic, inviting the viewer to examine it more closely. The artist’s translation of human body language onto musical instruments is incredibly successful and communicates their connection remarkably well. Fall in love with the sound of music that only they can hear when you gaze at this amazing piece.

Carel Fabritius - A View of Delft with a Musical Instrument Seller's Stall

Carel Fabritius – A View of Delft with a Musical Instrument Seller’s Stall

A View of Delft with a Musical Instrument Seller’s Stall by Carel Fabritius features a unique view of the city scape of Delft in the Netherlands. The piece was created using a two-point perspective meaning that there are two vanishing points creating a curved effect. It is thought that this piece was created with the intent to be painted on a perspective box which Fabritius was known for working on and this piece was potentially still being painted at the time of the artist’s untimely death.

William Sidney Mount - Right and Left

William Sidney Mount – Right and Left

Coming from a family of musically talented individuals, William Sidney Mount grew up surrounded by music and that influence is strong in Right and Left. Mount started his career painting portraits but soon found fame in genre painting and he is known for chronicling rural life on Long Island. He was the first native-born American artist to specialize in genre art. Music gave Mount another outlet that he pursued as a fiddler, a fife player, a collector of folk songs, and a violin designer.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Young Girls at the Piano

Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Young Girls at the Piano

Young Girls at the Piano by Pierre-Auguste Renoir portrays two working-class girls, one playing the piano while her friend observes. The viewer sees their unmistakable delight in this innocent moment. You cannot hear the music, but you can imagine how wonderful it is to bring such smiles to their faces. Renoir produced three other oil paintings of Young Girls at the Piano, along with two sketches.

Henry Ossawa Tanner - The Banjo Lesson

Henry Ossawa Tanner – The Banjo Lesson

The Banjo Lesson is one of Henry Ossawa Tanner’s most famous and recognized paintings. Tanner was an African-American artist and was one of the first African-American painters to gain international acclaim. He was known for his depictions of African-American rural life. He moved to Paris to study, and decided to stay there, being readily accepted in French artistic circles.

Chaim Soutine - Still Life with Violin, Bread, and Fish

Chaim Soutine – Still Life with Violin, Bread, and Fish

Still Life with Violin, Bread, and Fish by Chaim Soutine is pioneer image of its time. This artist was perhaps the original “foodie” and Soutine was known for plating and then painting his food before he would indulge. Historians have uncovered journals and records of Soutine drooling with hunger pangs as he would slave over the canvas trying to capture his meal before sitting down to enjoy the fruits of his labor. The musical instrument is only added as a decoration to the food presentation.

Juan Gris - Man with Violin

Juan Gris – Man with Violin

Man with Violin is a colorful cubist painting by Spanish artist, Juan Gris. Gris left Spain for Paris where he worked as an illustrator and satirical cartoonist before he began to paint seriously and developed his own style of cubism. Unlike Picasso and Braque, Gris liked to paint with bright harmonious colors. With their bright colors and interesting subject matter, Juan Gris works are among the most distinctive amongst the cubist movement.

The two art forms of painting and music have a long history of complementing each other. If you don’t find the piece that speaks to you on our list, feel free to browse our musical art gallery for even more ideas. There is sure to be the perfect piece for every music lover there.

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