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Innovative Classics: New Art Collages

There are so many well-known works of art out there and sometimes it can be difficult to decide on which one you want to bring into your home. One way of avoiding a tough decision is to choose a collage of amazing works. Our partner art studio, La Pastiche, has come up with some unique works of art that combine elements from some of the most amazing artists in history. If you choose one of these, you can have the best of each artist in one piece.

Flower Collage

Flower Collage is a handcrafted re-imagining of Vincent Van Gogh’s timeless originals, Imperial Crown Fritillaries in a Copper Vase and Vase with Twelve Sunflowers. La Pastiche created two versions of this combination, the other being Sunflower Collage. This piece maintains the moody speckled backdrop and patinated copper vase of the former, while still showcasing the beautiful sunflowers form the latter. The rich blue, violet, and green hues make vibrant complements to the warm blossoms and is prototypical Van Gogh.
Starry Night Over the Olive Trees

Starry Night Over the Olive Trees

Another amazing combination created by La Pastiche by using some of Vincent van Gogh’s most popular pieces is Starry Night Over the Olive Trees. This combines two motifs that the artist was well known for. They have combined the most recognizable elements of Starry Night and Olive Trees with the Alpilles in the Background. This La Pastiche original is completed in the Van Gogh signature palette knife style and anyone who is a die-hard Van Gogh fan will instantly fall in love with this collage.

Starry Night Wave Collage

Clearly Vincent Van Gogh is a favorite with collages. In Starry Night Wave College, La Pastiche combines his signature Starry Night piece with Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Both are highly emotional pieces, that are amazing when put together. The blues and greens of the color palettes in both paintings make this a totally new and fascinating take on the artists’ work. It is also on offer in our Luxury Line, that includes metallic foil accents.

Japanese Bridge in the Artist’s Garden

Japanese Bridge in the Artist’s Garden is a collage of three different Monet paintings: Cliff Walk at Pourville, Artist Garden at Giverny, and Japanese Bridge. This creates a new and thought provoking piece that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Each of these paintings on their own are highly coveted pieces to the art world and La Pastiche has combined them to highlight the most exciting pieces of each one.
Peacock in the Artist's Garden

Peacock in the Artist’s Garden

Peacock in the Artist’s Garden is a La Pastiche Original created to capture signature elements form two vastly different artists. This collage piece combines elements from Peacock and Peacock Butterfly, by Archibald Thorburn, and Pathway in Monet’s Garden at Giverny by Claude Monet. One was known for his Impressionist technique, while the other is famous for more realist view of the world, yet La Pastiche had brought them together beautifully. You can get lost in the detail, dreaming of a warm sunny day as the peacock life-like presents look ready to walk across the path.

These are only some of the unique art pieces offered by this talented art studio. Feel free to browse their art gallery for more inspiration. We know that you will find the perfect innovative piece to fit every style.

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