Art & Decor Trends Unveils Updated Interactive Catalog for Fall, the popular online retailer of handmade art and museum quality frames, has released the latest version of their catalog for 2016’s fall season. The online catalog features curated picks from their expansive selection of handmade fine art oil painting reproductions. In addition to keeping up with the latest trends in art and décor, this new edition streamlines the shopping experience for home and professional decorators through simple and versatile technologies.

The foundation of’s 2016 Fall Catalog is the intuitive and full-featured digital platform it’s built on. Browsing the digital flip-book engages users by giving them the power to closely examine individual artworks and frames as well as selectively share their favorites. It’s connected to a real-time feed of descriptions, background, pricing, and options for every piece. Vibrant high-definition photographs seem to pop off the screen, whether viewed on a computer or mobile device. Any time a user finds a product that resonates with their style, a click or a tap can transport them directly to the full product page for more information and a seamless checkout process.

The world’s best known and most beloved artworks have been gathered by’s staff of art lovers from its selection of over 10,000 handmade reproductions. Curated into Art Collections, hundreds of artworks are immediately available whether shopping by style, subject, and more. Those with an adventurous eye should check out trending styles from today’s finest contemporary artists in the ‘Artist Become’ collection. Also on display is a portion of the retailer’s wide variety of custom frame options, all of which are built by hand right here in the USA.

Of particular note is’s exclusive Luxury Line, with its unique interpretations of classic masterpieces. This line of expertly made artwork features gold, silver, and bronze metallic leafing, creating a shimmering appearance that has quickly become a customer favorite. Precisely applied by the artist, it adds a glittering new dimension to your favorite art. Whether you’re interested in making your Monet shine or elevating a Klimt to its authentically palatial status, the Luxury Line adds an elegant accent to their lovingly crafted masterworks.

The 2016 Fall Art Catalog can be viewed online or offline:

1. Access the 2016 Fall Art Catalog on your connected device at

2. Download the PDF version of the catalog for browsing anytime, anywhere.

“Our mission at is to make shopping for art into a rich and fun experience, we achieve this by removing all the doubts from the buying process and enriching shoppers with a great shopping experience and ultimately a magnificent piece of art for their space,” said David Sasson, CEO of “The new catalog is organized via subjects and collections. It holds many of our newest arrivals along with exclusive collections and even our ‘Turn Photos into Hand Painted Art’ service.” had previously released a print catalog once annually, though the online retailer now updates their catalog four times throughout each year. “Using a digital catalog gives us an opportunity to create more seasonal versions of our catalog without the expense and waste of creating print catalogs,” stated Sasson. “It also allows our catalogs to be more current and up-to-date with our selection, which allows our customers to see the new products as soon as we start carrying them.”

Additionally, has invested heavily in mobile apps to aid customers in decorating on-the-go and visualizing the art on their wall prior to purchase.’s apps allow art lovers to easily browse hundreds of oil paintings in the palm of their hand and view each selection in their own space. The app is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.

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