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Paintings That Remind You of Dad

As Father’s Day approaches, we all start to think about the father figures in our lives. Sometimes they are not always our actual fathers, but someone who has played an important role in our lives. Often, these men do not realize how important they have been to us and how often we think of them. This year, we have created a short list of pieces that might show the father figure in your life that you think of him more then he knows.

Elegant Reader

Georg Friedrich Kersting – The Elegant Reader

The Elegant Reader by German painter Georg Friedrich Kersting featured a solo figure, back to the viewer reading at his desk. Most of his paintings feature such a subject. This painting was created with the intent of the viewer to be pulled into the scene and wonder what is being studied, almost as though you are living in that particular moment in time. This would be perfect for the father figure that enjoys his solitude.

Henry Ossawa Tanner – The Young Sabot Maker

The Young Sabot Maker by Henry Ossawa Tanner features a young sabot apprentice hard at work. He is pushing his whole body into the crossbar handle of a sawhorse as an older gentleman proudly watches. This painting is meant to install the values, dignity and ennobling effect of hard work and well-earned respect. Let the father who taught you those things know how appreciated he is.

Card Players with Pipes

Paul Cezanne – Card Players with Pipes

Paul Cezanne was often revered for his devotion to his subjects, taking time to perfect them brushstroke by brushstroke and Card Players with Pipes is a perfect example. This scene that depicts two men relaxing and playing a friendly game. It shows how the artist is able to capture human nature wholly while simultaneously honoring the aesthetic. Let your father know how much you care about his relaxation with this wonderful piece.

Vincent Van Gogh – Shepherd with a flock of Sheep

Vincent Van Gogh’s restless spirit and depressive mental state fired his artistic work which shows in Shepard with a Flock of Sheep. In a change from his more famous depictions of night skies or woodsy landscape, this calm night time scene shows a lone man at work. As he tends to his animals, there is an almost serene duality to him. Let the man who took care of you know that you appreciated his work all those years by gifting him this.

George Wesley Bellows – Dempsey and Firpo

George Wesley Bellows’ Dempsey and Firpo reflects the ferocity with which the boxing title is fought and won in this scene played out in his sensational painting. A true piece of American history taken from a live event should beautifully adorn any sports fans home. Let your father know how much you admire the fighting spirit he has by giving him this amazing piece of art he can hold on to forever.

This is only a small sampling of all the great paintings we have that might remind you of the male role models in your life. Feel free to browse our male art gallery for an even wider variety of options. We are certain you will find the perfect piece to remember your dad among them.

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