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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Parents and Siblings

The holidays are fast approaching and as they grow near, you might feel the pressure of finding someone in your life the perfect gift. Here at OverstockArt, we are helping to guide you towards the perfect piece of art for all those you care about. Here we have gathered a short, but wonderful list of pieces that would delight anyone’s parents or siblings. These piece will help them reflect on what they mean to you.

Parents: Never-ending Support

Your parents are two people that you are able to rely on as you are growing up. You turn to them for guidance and affection, even as you become an adult. This season give them a gift that shows them that you have such wonderful memories of growing up under their care with one of these inspiring pieces.
Paul Cezanne

Pablo Picasso-Mother and Child

The almost monochromatic use of blue by Pablo Picasso in Mother and Child, depicting the traditional association of Madonna further deepens the emotion in this scene. In Picasso’s blue period, he painted a lot of women heavily bowed, producing haunting portrayals of the mother figure. Let your mother see how deeply your emotions go with this as a Christmas gift.

Lord Frederic Leighton-Mother and Child

Frederic Leighton’s Mother and Child pays tribute to Leighton’s association with the Pre-Raphaelite’s movement. It depicts a comfortable Victorian interior with an ethereal mother and child tenderly interacting. Let your mother know that you remember your moments with her with fondness by gifting her this wonderful piece.

Paul Cezanne-Artist’s Father Reading

Paul Cezanne, who painted Artist’s Father Reading, is identified today as the most dominant influence in the abstraction of modern art. As he matured, Cezanne mostly portrayed still life’s in his art and has greatly influenced Cubism, but chose his own father for this scene. There was a tension between them, but also a sense of respect that is reflected in the artwork. Your own father will feel that too when he hangs this in his home.

Siblings: Companions for Life

Growing up with brothers and sisters can be both frustrating and delightful. They are your confidants, your competition and the ones you turn to when you need comfort. As you grow up, you can sometimes be pulled away form each other, but those close feelings never go away. Give your siblings, whether they are near or far, something that brings back warm memories of your childhood together. Show them that time will not change the bond that you have.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Children on the Seashore

Children on the Seashore by Pierre-Auguste Renoir was painted when the Impressionist artist’s technique reached its peak. His fully defined technique rendered the children’s facial expressions and movements as they play masterfully. This might remind your siblings of warm afternoons you spent together enjoying the outdoors.
Children Playing on the Beach

Mary Cassatt-Children Playing on the Beach

In Children Playing on the Beach, Mary Cassatt was able to capture children in a way that looked totally natural. It displays a pair of two children participating in a sweet, innocent and natural childhood activity, but with masterful color and form, that take it to a new level. This painting is a must-have for anyone who longs to recapture the innocence of childhood play.

Theodore Robinson-In a Daisy Field

Theodore Robinson, creator of In a Daisy Field, was one of the greatest contributors to the American Impressionistic movement and it is a perfect example of one of the calm scenes he was famous for. The painting features a young girl carrying an infant though a field of wild daisies, showing the girl struggling to lean over to pick a flower as the infant is tugging at her ear. It will bring back memories for any younger siblings who had been cared for at a tender age and show appreciation.


Your parents and your siblings are your life long companions. They know you at your best and your worst, always there to offer support. It can sometimes be difficult to find a gift that conveys your appreciation for such love, but we hope we have at least sparked your inspiration. You can browse our Bestsellers gallery for even more ideas.

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