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Sensational Colorist Karen Zima Chosen as Artist of the Month

Since winning her first art contest in the 4th grade, artist Karen Zima hasn’t stopped creating, experimenting, and growing. As her doodles became drawings – and subsequently, paintings – her creative outlet turned into her life’s journey.
The View by Karen Zima

The View – Karen Zima (2017)

A native and lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, Zima studied photography at Penn State and her love for the medium persists. The glowing color palette and expressive nature of her paintings shines in her photos as well. Her style is as difficult for her to describe as it is for the rest of us. Labeling it “zima-ism”, she says that it has evolved from a realistic approach to something more liberated and loose.
No Place Like Home by Karen Zima

No Place Like Home – Karen Zima (2017)

Always attentive to the world around her, Zima is driven to portray that which is personally meaningful. Each work strives to communicate to the viewer the feelings she experiences while painting and to show them something they might otherwise have never seen.

A Place in Greece by Karen Zima

A Place in Greece – Karen Zima (2016)

Though most of her recent work is in acrylic on canvas, she got her start as a commercial artist and even worked in courtrooms for local newspapers. The fast pace and high pressure of that environment no doubt helped forge her technical abilities which shine in her personal work.

Sneaking a Peek by Karen Zima

Sneaking a Peek – Karen Zima (2017)

Presently relying totally on social media, online galleries, word of mouth, and commissions, Zima says the chances of being discovered online are better than ever.

“The online art market is growing considerably, and with online art sales on the rise, it is proving to be an increasingly rewarding avenue for artists. […] It’s a great way to interact and engage, and for customers to buy art from artists all over the world that they may never had the pleasure of seeing. I found Artist Become on the internet one day, and love the site.”

Like what you see? Head on over to her artist gallery on and pick yourself up a professionally produced print on canvas. Or reach out to the artist directly and score a one-of-a-kind original!

The artist, Karen Zima

The artist Karen Zima

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