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Spring Fever: Outside and in Your Home

With unusual weather, certain areas of the world are seeing flowers blooming early. In the south east of the United States, daffodils are shooting out of the ground and cherry blossoms are forming on bare limbs. The famous Pennsylvanian ground hog, Phil, did not see his shadow this year, thereby accurately signifying an early spring in the United States.

Springtime Van GoghSpring is here, which means watching your flowers come up and getting a little “spring cleaning” done. While you are cleaning out household closets (and maybe even the garage this year), you are likely considering bringing spring back into your home.

Redecoration doesn’t have to be a hassle. Often, it can begin with a simple element to focus the color scheme on. Since we are on the subject of spring and flowers, here are five floral paintings that may inspire your spring fever:

  1. Springtime Van Gogh - Branches of an Almond TreeBranches of an Almond Tree in Blossom 
     Rendered by Van Gogh in 1890, as restless as the painter’s mind this work’s color scheme would soothe a dynamic home. Pull the gray-green and blues along with the pale peach for a serene appeal, especially great for wall or fabric palettes. 
  2. Monet - Artist's Garden at Giverny
     Artist’s Garden in Giverny
    Rendered by Monet as a part of his famous garden and water lily series at his home in Giverny, France, these bold and impressionistic colors are sure to inspire those with a love life and color. Each brushstroke is unique unto itself. This piece is wonderful to consider for gardeners with a passion for cultivating plant life as did Monet and his rendering of it.
  3. Springtime Van GoghField of Poppies considered a favorite of Van Gogh’s works, Field of Poppies was originally rendered in 1890. Petals may be almost any color, and some have markings. Two primary colors in art–blue and red–sky and earth–are calmed by the green hues of the work. Movement is suggested, a spring wind. Take a hint from the poppies and let red be the color that pops in your home.
  4. Klimt - OrchardOrchard most of us are familiar with Klimt’s lovers and extravagant use of pattern. His rich, advant-garde brushwork is still evident in the yellows, golds, and the highlight of the sun on tree trunks in the orchid. Flowers begin to bloom among the trees. Spring overcomes even the branches, and the view is left feeling at peace and in restful seclusion.
  5. Red AmaryllisRed Amaryllis – Rendered by Georgia O’Keeffe in 1937, the artist was one of the rare prominent female painters of her time. She rendered flowers, bones, and landscapes. Many see feminist aspects in her flowers, the empowerment of fertility, vigor, passion, the feminine, and life.

These five floral paintings will assist you in finding artistic ways to welcome spring back into your home. Discover more famous spring paintings by master artists at

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