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Top 10 Mother’s Day Paintings for 2015, the online art gallery of hand painted art, revealed today their Top 10 Mother’s Day Art list for 2015. Based on a detailed inbound traffic analysis, the site has ranked the top art choices for moms in 2015:

Mother's Day 2015 Top 10 Art List

Mother’s Day 2015 Top 10 Art List

  1. Le tre eta della donna (Mother and Child), Gustav Klimt. Influenced by the avant-garde movement of his time, Klimt’s sensitive portrayal of a mother and child is tender, yet rich with design and imagery. The gentle scene depicts a young child drifting off to sleep on his mother’s shoulder. Sweet, serene and symbolic, this masterful work represents the deep love that only a mother and child can share.
  2. Madame Monet and Her Son, Claude Monet. Originally painted in 1875, Monet captures the gentle breeze and lux light in his Impressionist style brushstrokes. Unlike the traditional portraiture of the time, Monet turned his back on convention and created figures in much the same style as his landscapes. Featuring portraits of the artist’s wife and son, this work is a bright, sunny Mother’s Day treat.
  3. Mother and Child, Lord Frederic Leighton. The 1865 painting features a loving mother-daughter scene. With a love of classical and biblical themes, Leighton’s art features a realistic style that is opulent and tender at the same time. This Victorian scene features a motherly moment that’s intimate, naturally beautiful and striking with its sensitivity.
  4. The Railway, Edouard Manet. The Railway features an everyday street scene of a mother and daughter. Manet favored social activities, portraits and imagery that was reflective of daily life and what he saw in urban Paris. This 1873 work is set in realism, with imagery that plays to mother’s role in society.
  5. Water Lilies, Claude Monet. Part of a series, Monet’s Water Lilies is one of the most beloved and well-known works of art history. The light, the brushstrokes and the illuminating use of color that hallmarks the Impressionist style are all on display in this outdoor scene. Painted at his gardens in Giverny, Water Lilies may not feature mom, but it’s certainly something that she’ll adore and cherish.
  6. At the Beach, Edward Henry Potthast. One of the first Impressionist painters, Potthast regularly depicted carefree, outdoor moments in his imagery. The choppy brushstrokes and waves of color dot and draw their way across this beach scene of a warm mother-child moment.
  7. The Monet Family in the Garden, Edouard Manet. During the summer of 1874 Manet and Monet vacationed at neighboring towns. Spending time together, building their friendship and working on their art, the two painters used each other as subject matter. This work features Monet and his family, with his wife and son spending a lazy summer afternoon under the shade of a garden tree.
  8. The Umbrellas, Pierre Auguste Renoir. The hectic street scene that the Impressionist painter depicts features children by the side of their subtly smiling mother. The chaos of the scene is set apart from the seemingly serene main characters.
  9. Woman and Child On a Balcony, Berthe Morisot. As a well-known female Impressionist, Morisot exhibited her woks alongside other famed painters of the time such as Monet and Degas. In this work, the artist shows a sweet scene between a mother and her young daughter. Leaning out over the balcony ledge, the woman looks on as her child looks out over the light-swept view.
  10. Children Playing on the Beach, Mary Cassatt. This 1884 Impressionist work may not feature a mom herself, but it celebrates Mother’s Day with its darling depiction of children at play. The light dances off the subjects, placing the two young children at the forefront of the Oceanside image., came up with the list by analyzing the online Mother’s Gallery statistics from over 2 million visitors coming to its store to shop for mom, and finds the following top ten oil paintings to be the most desired and sought-after works for Mom in 2015.

“We love sharing our unique insights with the art world.” said David Sasson, CEO of, “The relationship between a Mother and her Child has been the subject-matter of the greatest artists in modern history. We love sharing with the world our passion for art. This is part of our duty to the art world which we love being apart of.”

For more Mother’s favorite works of art visit the new Mother’s Day Art Gallery.

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