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Take a Tour of Paris Through the Eyes of its Greatest Artists [Infographic]

Paris, France is synonymous with art. It is overwhelming, at times, to see the amount of influence the City of Lights has had on the art world during the past two centuries. Every major art genre has made its debut in the galleries and art institutions of Paris. The artists whom today we consider the forefathers of modern art, were inspired to ‘make it big’ in the Paris art scene.

Today, the city’s artistic renown brings millions of tourists every year wishing to immerse themselves in the culture and history captured in the works of these great artists. So, if you are about to take a trip to Paris, here is a short list of places to visit that have been depicted in the art of the greatest artists of the city of Paris.

Paris in Paintings - Art Infographic

A big thanks to the folks over at the luxurious and historic Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris for providing us with this interesting look at the artistic past of their city.

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Joe Strouth is a photographer and art lover with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. He enjoys reading, minimalist sculpture and music, and documentary photography from the second half of the 20th century. Having lived all over the world, he tries to visit museums any time he travels.