Tour the South Pacific on The M/S Paul Gauguin

Pioneering the Symbolism art movement, Paul Gauguin is one of history’s greatest and most well-known artists. Favoring exotic destinations, he set sail for Tahiti in the late 19th century. Although he returned to Paris following this South Seas trip, he eventually made his way back to Tahiti for good. His paintings of tropical Tahiti and the Tahitian people are now the hallmark of Gauguin and his work.

Gauguin's When Will You Marry?

Gauguin’s When Will You Marry?

If the artists paintings inspire you to travel into French Polynesia, you’ll find a cruise line that bears the artist’s name. Paul Gauguin Cruises, and the company’s primary luxury ship the m/s Paul Gauguin, features year-round travel in the South Pacific. The luxury liner doesn’t just take you into Gauguin’s world, it provides you with the opportunity to explore the history of Tahiti. On-board guest presenters offer an array of lectures, including the local marine biology and the anthropology of the culture that Gauguin held so dearly.

The cruise liner also features special guests, coming from a wide range of backgrounds. From musicians and artists to environmentalists, there’s something for everyone. Specific special guests vary by cruise. Check out the schedule (which is published at least a year in advance) for upcoming options. While every cruise doesn’t necessarily highlight the artist specifically, the line does book acclaimed experts (such as art history professor Caroline Boyle-Turner) who discuss Gauguin and his life.

Paul Gauguin Luxury Liner

Paul Gauguin Luxury Liner

You can choose 7, 8, 10 or 11 night cruises, along with excursions to the areas that the artist explored in oils. Destinations include Colon, Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica, Philipsburg, St. Maarten, Panama, Tahiti, the Society Islands, the Cook Islands, Fiji, Marquesas, Tonga and Tuamotus. Guests may also opt for an off-board retreat on Taha’a private island or a private beach in Bora Bora. The cruise and excursions offer ways to truly see the beauty of what Gauguin painted first-hand. Visiting the tropical areas in-person provides a new, deeper view of the artist’s work and allows you to see the culture from a different point of view.

The Paul Gauguin may be one of the most notable ships named after an artist, but it’s not the only art-infused cruise. Ama Waterways offers art-themed cruises, such as a 7-night trip into Paris and Normandy. This river cruise takes you from Paris to Monet’s home in Giverny. The off-boat excursions include a visit to the Mussee d’Orsay, a visit to the Normandy beaches and a tour of Monet’s home and gardens.

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