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- Kathleen, Winter Haven Florida

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When choosing a painting for a room, it's absolutely necessary to evaluate the colors used in it. Different colors can evoke varying emotions and set a certain mood when used in decorating. When purchasing a piece of art, evaluating not only the subject and artistic style of the painting is important, but realizing the impact color makes on a room's atmosphere is vital to a room's Feng Shui. Check out the colors below and figure out what type of painting you need.


What it represents:

  • Passion, love, courage, anger, fire.
  • The color red is the strongest hue in the color wheel. The color of stop signs, fire engines and hot peppers, this hue is anything but dull. As a very powerful color, red should be used in an environment where feelings of intensity are welcomed. Red is also believed to increase appetite and desire.
  • Perfect for spicing up kitchens and encouraging fiery discussions in dining rooms. Use in bedrooms only to stir up feelings of desire. If used in this environment, it is advised that cooler colors are used to balance it out. After all, bedrooms should be a place for passion and peacefulness.
  • Recommended paintings: Monet's Red Boats at Argenteuil, and Van Gogh's Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom (Interpretation in Red).
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What it represents:

  • Social, creativity, productivity, warmth, balance, summer.
  • Use orange if the color red is too intense for your home. The color orange promotes creativity, lively discussions and energy. These hues also promote feelings of warmth since orange is the color of fire. Orange can range from a light golden color to deep burnt orange.
  • Orange should be used anywhere energy and liveliness are welcomed. Children's playrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens are ideal spaces where orange accents can be used.
  • Recommended paintings: Monet's San Maggiore by Twilight, Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers by Van Gogh
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What it represents:

  • Humor, happiness, courage, creativity, sunshine.
  • Yellow is a color that can go almost anywhere in the home. After all, where is happiness unwelcome? Since this hue promotes a warming effect and is thought to stimulate mental activity, keep it out of rooms where serenity is most important. Different shades can also promote varying feelings. Yellow brings attention to things and is normally seen first when placed beside another color, which is why taxicabs and caution signs are always painted this hue. Yellow falls under the Fire category, but is gentler that red.
  • Light yellows are perfect for kitchens while darker shades may warm up dim offices without making them feel too bright. Just make sure it's not too dark as darker yellow can represent dirtiness and sickness.
  • Recommended paintings: Klimt's The Kiss, The Mulberry Tree by Van Gogh
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What it represents:

  • Freshness, stability, peacefulness, growth, money, landscape.
  • As the most restful color to the eye, use green in rooms where you want to promote safety, endurance and stability. Growth and hope are also associated with this hue. Since it promotes growth, healing and safety, use it where cleanliness and stability are valued.
  • Bathrooms, children's bedrooms and sunrooms look best with green accents. Light greens look good in airier areas while dark greens are perfect colors for home offices as the darker hues represent money and power.
  • Recommended paintings: Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Seurat, The Apple Tree by Klimt.
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What it represents:

  • Calm, tranquility, peacefulness, sky, sea.
  • This is probably the most popular color used in clothing, paintings and décor. It evokes peaceful feelings and is often used to promote cleanliness. The color of the sky and the sea, blue is actually though to suppress the appetite which is why it's used mainly in corporate logos and not in fast food brands. Since it's also a calm and steady color, it can also promote loyalty and piety.
  • Use in any area of the home where serenity is valued especially bathrooms and bedrooms. Lighter blue suggests feelings of lightness and peace, while darker blues promote stability and expertise. In conclusion, light blue is ideal for a bathroom while navy blue fits well into office settings.
  • Recommended paintings: Starry Night by Van Gogh, Edward Hopper's The Martha McKean of Wellfleet.
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What it represents:

  • Royalty, power, nobility, luxury, creativity, magic.
  • Feng Shui masters often advise against using this as the main color in a room, which is why having accents of it in paintings is perfect for those that love this color.
  • Full of mystery and magic, purple is very rarely seen in nature. Lighter hues like lavender and periwinkle can be incorporated into children's rooms and in spaces where meditation and relaxation is encouraged. If you're creating a meditation space or yoga studio, the color purple can increase focus and concentration. Darker purples should be used sparsely and in small doses.
  • Recommended paintings: Monet's Artist's Garden at Giverny, Irises by Van Gogh.
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We got our oil art work and we are speechless. It truly exceeded our expectations tenfold. This will make the most amazing gift once framed. You were so easy to deal with and great communicators. We could NOT be happier. Thank you so much. What a terrific value!

Kim, Pennsylvania

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